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A feud between Amazon and Google has led to the decision made by Google to pull the most popular streaming app on the planet from Amazon Fire TV devices.  Earlier this year Google already pulled the app from Echo Show devices.

If you have an Amazon Fire TV you may have already seen the popup on your screen that gives you an advanced warning that the YouTube app will no longer be available on your device beginning January 1, 2018.  This message also gives viewers a link to a site where they will be able to purchase a device that will give access to

What is going on with Amazon and Google?

This really isn’t all that surprising when you look at how Amazon has treated Google over the past several years.

  • Amazon has banned Chromecast and Nest devices from being sold on their website.
  • Amazon has not allowed Google Play Music or the new premium YouTube TV service on their devices.
  • Amazon has been hesitant on allowing there Prime streaming content on Android devices.

In a way this hurts Amazon and Google both.  In my opinion if you create a device designed for streaming content and charge a hefty price for it, the user should have the right to stream what he or she wants without punishing the end users.

Google Wants To Share With Amazon

Google would like Amazon to allow their products to be sold on Amazon as well as their apps such as YouTube TV to be available on their devices.

Now Google would also like to have Amazon’s apps such as Amazon Prime TV, Music and all other great apps on Chromecast and Android devices.  You see, Google would like to work with Amazon and give both customer bases the ability to stream what they want including Amazon and Google products.

The Fight Continues

It is still unclear whether these two companies will be able to come to some sort of a meet in the middle or give a little to each other.  Hopefully they have a friendly handshake soon, or millions of people will be quite upset come early 2018.

I am sure they will both be fighting this out over the next few weeks and we will see if any agreement is reached between the two prior to the new year.  Until then, I would not recommend purchasing an Amazon Fire TV or any device that is owned by Amazon especially if YouTube, YouTube TV or Google Play Music is something you are planning on streaming.

Instead I would recommend an Android box that will give you the ability to access YouTube and other Google owned streaming apps.

If an agreement is reached or there is an update to this story I will update this post.  If you know of any update to this corporate feud, comment below.