Turn Your Windows PC Into A Kodi Streaming Device

If you don’t have an Android box, Fire TV or any other device that Kodi can be installed on you can also use a Windows computer if you have one.  Whether it is a laptop, desktop or tablet – Windows is a great way to use Kodi.

It is also one of the most powerful operating systems and you if are reading this on your PC you can easily turn it into a streaming device.  Some computers can even connect to certain television through Bluetooth and other air streaming methods.  If you have a more advanced PC with several gigabytes of ram and a powerful central processing unit it could possibly be the most powerful, fastest and best Kodi streaming device in the house.

Download and Install the Windows Version

Before you can install Kodi you need to download the latest version from the official Kodi website.  You can also find version’s available for Android, Apple, Linux, Mac and others.  You cannot use Kodi on most gaming devices such as XBOX or PlayStation.  Furthermore it is also incompatible with Roku’s.

I have the link below you need to download the latest version of Kodi.  Click the link and download the latest version.
If you are needing a copy for other operating systems you can use the same link above.

Once you have downloaded the latest version simply go to your download folder and launch the file and follow the steps as you would with any other program you were wanting to install.

Advantages of the Windows Version

While using the computer version it is easy to navigate using your mouse, trackball, touchpad and keyboard.

Most PC computers are stacked with an x86 processor which is much more powerful than an ARM processor that most boxes use.  ARM processors are designed for longer battery life and are used in many mobile phones and tv set-top boxes. There are a few exceptions including the Nexus Player that also uses the x86 processor.

You can also choose to not cache your Kodi when using a PC making it will use your hard drive when playing back videos instead of your on board memory.   This setting can decrease buffering and show a much more smooth playback than that of your standard box.

A few add-ons use browser enabled playback and can only work on a PC.

Some builds will not require a restart when installing the build.  Usually once you click finish it closes normal and you relaunch Kodi with the new build installed.  One dis-advantage is that a few builds may not work on Windows.

While adding this to your Windows computer it is still recommended to have a solid box and most M8S and M9S boxes you can find on Amazon will do a solid job.  You can also purchase a USB wireless keyboard with touchpad for about $20 and operate it with ease in your recliner.

I don’t recommend trading all your boxes for a PC, but if you have one, you have another way to watch all your favorite shows on Kodi.




John Berry

I am a YouTube creator, website content generator and Kodi enthusiast. I enjoy helping others that are in need when it comes to streaming online, especially when using third party builds and add-ons for Kodi.

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