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Kodi legal streaming battles have once again taken place and has either forced or at least had many Kodi add-on creators voluntarily shut down their development in fear of legal consequences.

kodi legal battlesThis is not he first time the Kodi community has seen this type of battle, but it feels as though this time the pressure from the Motion Picture Association is definitely greater than in the past.  A few of the major companies that have joined are Disney, Netflix, Sky, Premier League and others.

I do not condone piracy on this website and have no copyrighted content available for direct download.  The site “Streamer Tips” is only an informational source giving the latest information available on various streaming platforms and devices including Kodi, Plex, APK’s and other software that I am not affiliated with.

Kodi itself is perfectly legal and the official Kodi team are not the ones being targeted.  It is the developers that create third party add-ons for the open source software that have been under attack.

Most of the developers never own or host any content, the add-ons they create however, scrape the links and allow users to stream it.  This is a gray area in many countries and has been deemed unlawful in parts of the world including the UK and the European Nation.

VPN Recommended Before Streaming

If you are streaming and you think what you are doing is in a gray area in which you are unsure if you could be violating the laws where you reside, be sure and check with your local laws.

If you are still uncertain or simply want to do all your streaming in total confidence and privacy, I recommend you use a VPN at all times.  You can see my PIA and IPVanish VPN comparison chart by »»» clicking here.

Current Repository / Add-on Status

Below I have a list of some of the most popular add-ons and there current working and not working status.  This list will be updated over the next few days as I get more information and test more repositories to determine there current status.

Repository’s Still Working

  • Simply Caz – This repository has been completely re-modified.  According to their website, all the repositories that are in any legal gray area have been removed.  Now you will only find guaranteed legit add-ons in the Simply Caz repo.  Some of these add-ons include YouTube, LiveTube, USTV Now and other add-ons that are not infringing on copyright.
  • Goliath – I tested and the Goliath repo url is still working.  Goliath is home of the Picasso add-on as well as the new Goliath Karaoke that was previously known as Mikey’s Karaoke.
  • TV – TV Addons themselves have been in a legal battle for quite some time and according to their website have been winning all legal battles one by one.  There are still existing battles in place and appeals may occur.  There repository however is still functioning and after there remodel, only consists of add-ons that are legit and should not have any infringing rights.  This however is according to their website, as always be sure what you are streaming is legal according to your local laws.
  • UK Turks Playlists – This add-on is quite popular and after testing their website is still up and the repository is working without any issues.  UK Turks Playlist has movies, TV shows, radio, fitness, and even some live content available for Kodi users.
  • Wolf Pack – The latest Wolf Pack repo url is still working and the repository is as well.  More Power however is no longer available in this repo.
  • Noobs And Nerds – I found no problems launching the noobs and nerds repo url as well as the repository.  Bob Unleashed is the latest add-on developed by N&N.
  • Gears TV – There is no impact on Gears TV.  The Gears TV IPTV service is still working and there repository is working is still available.  Streams R Us their latest add-on for kodi addons workingsubscribers is also available.
  • Touchtone – Nitro TV subscribers as well are not impacted and the Touchtone repository as well a the Nitro TV add-on is working without any issues.
  • Looking Glass – This repository is home of Death Streams, a fork of SALT and is working well.  Death Streams will scrape movies and television shows from the web.  I have the latest install steps to install Death Streams, get the steps by »»» clicking here.
  • Lucifer’s Repository – The developer of this repo has claimed to be retired a few days ago.  The repository however still remains available and working, although no future updates are expected unless and dev takes over the projects.  The Lucifer’s repo contains popular Strictly HD and Cartoon Crazy add-ons.

Repository’s That Have Been Discontinued

  • Soulless Repository – I have tested this repository and it seems to be no longer working.  Soulless announced they have stopped all development.
  • Mucky Duck – This repo is down and the developer says will remain down indefinitely.  This includes Duck Pool and the Mucky Duck Repo.  Some of the add-ons that will no longer be available are MFU, 123 Movies, Imperial Streams, and all other add-ons that were developed within this repository.
  • Colossus Repo – This repo is now gone.  It contained the popular Covenant add-on which can no longer be installed using the Colossus Repo.
  • Ares Wizard – The Ares Wizard was the home of the largest community of builds available for Kodi.  Users were also able to install many repositories and add-ons with a single click.  The Ares Wizard website is now down and the wizard has been discontinued.
  • Bennu – This repository has been discontinued.  Project D was in Bennu and is also no longer available.  Project D however has hinted that he is looking for a new home.  I expect them to return in the near future.

Do you know of some other add-ons that should be included that are working or have been discontinued?  Comment below, or if you find an error in the information above let us know as well.