Mayweather Vs. McGregor is one of the most anticipated boxing events ever.  This very well could be the most watched live event in quite some time, if not of all time.  This Showtime PPV fight features the former boxing champion Floyd Mayweather vs UFC Champ Conor McGregor.

You can see how this event has so much hype, anticipation and will be watched by millions across the world.  If you are one that is wanting to watch the fight, I will show you a few ways to watch it without spending a fortune and being able to do so while lying comfortably on your living room sofa.  All you must have is a decent and reliable internet connection.


Date: Saturday August 26, 2017
Time: 9:00 PM EST
Location: T-Mobile Arena (Las Vegas)

Ways To Watch Mayweather vs. McGregor

Please comment below if you know how to watch the fight before and during the fight as well for the readers of this site to have the most options available.  More ways to watch may be added and this page updated as the fight approaches and once I found additional viewing options out.

1. These options are the most un-reliable way to tune into the fight, but may work.  If you are short on cash and really want to spend zero in order to catch the fight you can try a few add-ons using Kodi.  Kodi can be installed on your Fire TV or Android box.  This will allow you to add some of the add-ons mentioned below:

  • Bob Unleashed is an excelent add-on that features movies and TV shows.  It also is a great way to catch up on some live sports as well.  You can find streams for NFL, NBA, MLB and even PPV events.  For the best reliable option using Bob Unleashed follow the steps in my tutorial.  For even better chances of a working stream, use the premium real debrid with the add-on.
  • Sports Devil has been around for a long time.  It has however been less reliable lately, but still has a decent chance for you to find the game when you are in need.  Sports Devil may also be required for Bob Unleashed.  If a stream requires Sports Devil when using Bob it will request your permission to install it.
  • Mobdro is an APK that can be installed on your Android device, Fire TV, Nexus player and even PC to try and find the fight.  I have no way to tell you with certainty if the Mayweather fight will be on Mobdro until it begins, however they have a quite of bit of live content 24 hours a day.

2. The most reliable ways to be sure and not miss the action are to subscribe to a paid IPTV service.  I will mention a couple below that cost less than a dinner for 2 at any decent restaurant and includes an entire 1 month of service and all PPV event fights included each month.

  • Set TV while not the cheapest is my top pick.  The reason I choose them over all others is simple.  The price is only $20 per month and gives you 3 activation codes that can be used on 3 different devices.  This will allow you to watch all the content available on separate devices simultaneously.  With Set TV you will receive hundreds of channels including premiums, sports, PPV events, kids and more.  They also offer a 3 day trial to test it out first!
  • Gears TV is my runner up and man it is a tight one.  If you simply only want 1 TV stream and excellent quality while also preferring to use Kodi, Gears TV is the definite winner.  They will have your sports all season long, kids channels, movie channels and more.  There is no trial – they are $15 a month but for only 1 stream at a time.  It won’t break the bank however, to give it a try for a month.  Kodi is required for Gears TV if you want the best experience and a guide.

You have no reason now to miss the fight, especially if you take advantage of one of the last two mentions when it comes to watching live TV online.  Keep in mind no IPTV service is up 100% of time and some channels may not be working at all times.

Comment below if you are going to watch the game, and how you plan to as well as any predictions you may have.  Comments after the fight will be welcomed as well!

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