Vortex Kodi Add-on Is Back – Rockcrusher Repository Returns


There has been a lot of add-ons  including Vortex from the Rockcrusher Repository that has gone down over the past week due to a scare from a lawsuit announcement by Dish Network last week.  Not all add-ons were shaken up or affected by this announcement, however a majority of them were.

You may find it difficult to locate many repositories in their traditional and long time location.  The Rockcrusher Repository is one of those repositories that has a new home.

The new repo that required to install the Rockcrusher Repository is now http://streamaddons.com/repo.  Install steps for Vortex and this new repo.

Once you have Vortex installed you will once again be able to watch your favorites such as Epic Fails, Resto Garage, Redbull TV, Motosports and Vortex Racing.


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