US Senate Vote Allows Personal Browsing History To Be Sold By Your ISP

The Republicans in the United States senate has voted on Thursday to repeal the Obama Internet Privacy rules that were set in place. This means your privacy you used to have on the internet is soon to be a thing of the past and you should know that this is a serious invasion of privacy. This will allow the telecommunication companies to target advertisers based on your internet browsing history.

The senate vote passed by a vote of 50-48 and was completely down the party lines.  This law is now a done deal and is official. The house of representatives has also voted and it passed.

Your ISP Is now Information Sold For Profit

You already pay a fee to have access to browse the web, social media, stream videos and much more.  The providers are increasing these fee’s on a yearly basis for many subscribers.  Now it has opened up a potential gold mine for them as well.  While they will continue to raise their rates, they will now be able to increase there company revenues by no other means than seeing what you are specifically doing online.

Regardless what others say you can see how this pending legalization of internet privacy invasion will only help Comcast, Cox, AT&T and all the other major services – while at the same time hurting the consumer and user.  You can also see why to these providers it is a major victory and a complete defeat for the consumer.

What Will They Obtain?

Your internet providers will now be able to sell pretty much every activity you do online at every second of the day giving them the green in their pocket.

Whenever you are on websites such as Facebook, Google, Bing and other big sites, you probably already see ads that are relevant to your browsing history.  This is usually due to cookies that are saved your computer if enabled allowing very niche targeted ads.  These kinds of ads are going to increase and will not be from simple cookies on your computer that you can remove.  They will be on the telecommunications companies computer and will be ready to the highest bidder willing to pay for your information.

When Does It Take Effect?

This has not yet been finalized, but don’t expect a long delay before your data begins to be compromised.  While many laws take a couple years, this one could be rolling before the end of the 2017 year.

Will A VPN Protect My Data?

There is one way to make sure you are completely private and secure on the internet and that is by using a VPN (Virtual Private Network).  With these new laws developing there really is no excuse any more to not have one of these services.  You can see another post I made not long ago talking about Why a VPN is importantHowever that was even before these new set of privacy rule changes were being mentioned.

You can signup for a IPVanish VPN account and be sure all your data is protected.  IPVanish VPN also does not keep any logs of your data ever giving you peace of mind that you are browsing anonymously and safe.  Your IP address, location and the data you are viewing will be completely hidden and your ISP will not even be able to see what you are browsing when the service is being used.

Mobile Providers

If you are thinking only of your home ISP connection, don’t forget about the mobile device as well.  Sprint, Verizon, AT&T and others will also benefit from this new development and it couldn’t be easier.  A few thoughts that come to mind are:

  • Unwanted texts from your mobile providers or third party companies that has been sold by your cell provider.
  • Pre-Installed apps as soon as you purchase your phone with tracking software.
  • Updates to their current apps already installed boosting there commission after selling you more services or products based on your usage.

The reality is that now the true and only way to completely protect your privacy is with IPVanish VPN installed on your computer, mobile phone and other devices that use the internet.  There are a few disadvantages of using a VPN such as may need to have it turned off before being able to access Hulu and a few services that will not allow there services to be used when your IP address is hidden.


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