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April 15, 2019

TV Zion has had a nice update to their app. In this latest release they have added a few new features.

  • Option to trigger auto select link based on a specific time. This is great because when there are only a few links to be found it will go ahead and auto plays the show after the selected time you have chosen regardless of how many links are found.
  • Now it has the option to enable or disable auto select filtered link when all links are filtered.
  • There are a few other added features as well.

You can auto update in the app or uninstall and reinstall the version.

Scroll down this page for download information.

This is one of the better apps available when it comes to streaming movies and TV shows. It has a great auto play feature once 5 links are found and should the link not work as expected simply back up and choose another to leave off exactly at the scene you were watching.

TV Zion works well if with or without Real-Debrid, although it is better with it. There also is a Zion Club membership option (not required) for ad-free and member only links to the streams for a more premium experience.

Developer Controversy

Before you choose this app, let me tell you a small story about the developer of TV Zion. Recently he was unhappy with some users taking his APK and removing the ads while they redistributed it to other users.

He actually spoke on twitter and stated that he “might” track all users that are using an ad-free version and use the information he obtained as he fell fit.

Since then he has revoked his remarks and said he will not go forward with such threats. He did say he will try and find a way to simply block ad-free versions from working. At this time I do not believe he has done so.

This really doesn’t bother me at all and I will tell you exactly why…

Anytime you are using any app that is in the “gray area” of apps being used, you can expect these time of things to happen from time to time. This isn’t the first time and sure will not be the last.

You can not trust the developer this TV Zion any more / or less than the one that is maintaining TeaTV, BeeTV, etc.

If you are completely trusting the people putting all these apps together, I would rethink that just a little bit and start to mask what you do online and you will not have to worry about it at all.


To avoid any of your information from being tracked, obtained or used in a way you would not like it to be used, get a VPN and they can try all that want.

When you are using a VPN no one including the developer of the app you are using as well as your internet service provider are unable to decipher what it is you are doing while online and cannot gather any information about you, your location or any other information. (Link to get IPVanish VPN Now).

So you can see how I am not worried about this app or any there app I use on my device. If you treat all APK’s you are using with caution and take proper care, you will have nothing to worry about.

Watch TV Shows

The layout of this app is very nice and in the TV portion of it you will get a quite of bit of categories that you can choose from.

Aired recently, Airing today, Popular in 2019, Popular in Animation, Popular in Crime, Popular in Documentary, Popular in Drama, Popular in Family, Popular in Kids, Popular in Mystery, Popular in News, Popular in Reality, Popular in Soap, Popular in Talk, Popular in Western are all available as an option to view more TV shows.

When you are browsing shows in such category, you will find television series based on that genre. If you choose a particular genre you will be able to fine tune what you are looking for even farther by year and sort by descending or ascending.

Enjoy a Movie

If you are in the mood for a movie, you can find plenty of categories as well. Below are some of what you can find in the movies portion of TV Zion.

In theaters, New in HD, Popular in 2019, Popular in 2018, Popular in Action, Popular in Adventure, Popular in Comedy, Popular in Crime, Popular in Documentary, Popular in Drama, Popular in Family, Popular in Fantasy, Popular in History, Popular in Horror, Popular in Music, Popular in Mystery, Popular in Romance, Popular in Science Fiction, Popular in TV Movie, Popular in Thriller, Popular in War, Popular in Western.

There are as well the option to choose a year once you have selected a genre for a more fine tuned listing of what you may be looking for.


You have the option to search for any TV Show and Movie to determine if it is available and there is a working link.

I did a search for Phantom of the Opera (1925) and it worked extremely well. This is a movie that is in the public domain thus is a non-copyrighted film. However it did not auto play since there were only 2 links found (This probably isn’t a very popular searched movie).

TV Zion Club

I am not affiliated with TV Zion, am not being compensated and have no monetary value invested in this app. Therefore this is simply for information and I do not get paid for mentioning this.

You can use the free only version of this app and it works just fine. In fact that is what I recommend you do. There are more than enough apps available that cost $0 so you do not need to spend you money on this app.

If you do prefer ad-free, want a few extra links and want to support the developer, you can purchase a premium account which is less than $2 per month. Information on how you can do this is available within the app.

I recommend when streaming movies and TV shows while using Android APK’s to always use IPVanish VPN. This will hide your identity when streaming on all devices.

Prevent ISP throttling, hide your identity, and stay protected. There are NEVER any logs kept of your activity and you can use it on up to 10 devices simultaneously.

Connect to blazing fast servers from all over the world and claim your privacy when online. All with a 7-day risk-free money back guarantee.

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Download TV Zion

The download links are available at this websites Streamer Tips Apps Download page. You can download it directly from there in your browser to install it on your Android device.


If you have Filelinked installed and would like to install TV Zion using Filelinked you can do so with my Firelinked Code.

Fileinked Code: 12433352 Pin # 5500

If you need more information on how to install Filelinked on your Android device, NVidia Shield or Fire TV visit my Filelinked page for more information as well as the codes.

You can also download the app from the official website