TV Addons Website / Fusion Repository Site Down


TV Addons website is not working at this present time and if you are attempting to install any add-on that uses the following repository url: you will not be able to install the add-on unless the site returns.

This also includes there  websites and which all state the site cannot be reached at this time.  There are speculation’s that the site is getting a major overhaul or server upgrade over the next few days and will return soon with a new and improved site.

July 30, 2017 Update – TV Addons is returning with a limited amount of add-ons.

Add-ons Future

The future of many add-ons including Exodus depend on the return of TV Addons and without them the ever so popular Exodus will likely not receive any further updates which will cripple the add-on over time.

There are many other developers that use TV Addons site to host there work as a convenience to avoid setting up there own hosting servers and maintaining them.  These developers would have to either stop development or move to another hosting provider or group such as Stream Addons, a new place for developers to stage there work.

Don’t Uninstall Add-ons

If you currently are using a set of add-ons or a build that is working even if it is only working partially I would recommend not removing any good add-ons at this time.  If you remove them, you may not be able to install them or have a difficult time finding the installation files while TV Addons site is down.  There are also other add-ons that may not be able to be retrieved from other sources as well.

Stay Updated

Kodi is changing today more than it ever has before.  Continue to watch the Kodi news and be prepared for more changing in the days ahead.

If TV Addons resumes an announcement will be made, or if it is determined that the site will not return with decent certainty, it will be told here as well.

Looking For Some Add-ons?

Here are five movie and TV show add-ons that you can install on your Kodi device.  I will keep this list updated frequently.  To check out the latest 5 add-ons that you can install now including Exodus and Salt visit this link.

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  1. Uggghh, I just did a factory reset on one of my boxes last night and was wondering why I couldn’t access tvaddons. I still have Exodus on a second box, is it possible to transfer the relevant files over by USB?

  2. You can backup your Kodi setup, use a build that still uses the add-ons you like, or save them on an USB drive if you know how to access your Kodi data files. You can get more help googling this subject.

  3. Will fusion be back up? I cleared kodi thinking there was something wrong with it. Now I can’t get to exudos! Is there anything else I can do?

  4. I know it’s a stretch, but will copying the kodi files from another kodi box work for exodus and things? I don’t know if it will work from another box because we own 2 different types (an X96 and another different one). Really need to know asap.


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