Turn Your Computer Into A Home DVR With Kodi

Have you ditched cable to get rid of all those outrageous cable bill fees?  Do you miss the DVR functionality and the ability to pause live television?

If you said yes then all you need is an USB TV Tuner, a network setup, HD antenna and Kodi.

With a few steps and if you need a tuner and antenna, a small investment you will soon be able to have these features with all your local channels in your area.

Below is the first video that I will show you how to install your TV Tuner and the NextPVR software on your Windows PC.

If you already have NextPVR installed and a tuner you can skip this video and watch the next one to set it up for Kodi.


The video below is the 2nd video of this 2 part series.  In this video you will learn how to setup Kodi in a remote location in your home and connect it to your home network. This will allow Kodi to stream the channels and recordings from your PC and tuner setup.


This tutorial is not designed to show you how to stream content from different locations other than in your home and your Kodi box must be set on the same network or WiFi as your PC.


John Berry

I am a YouTube creator, website content generator and Kodi enthusiast. I enjoy helping others that are in need when it comes to streaming online, especially when using third party builds and add-ons for Kodi.

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