Top 5 Reasons You Should Be Using A VPN

A VPN or virtual private network is a way to disguise your online activity in real time to prevent unwanted eye’s from seeing your current browsing, streaming, shopping and all other things you are doing while online.

While a VPN is not necessarily something every person feels is needed, I cannot stress enough how much I believe it is essential especially in the new era that the internet service providers have developed.  The ISP’s are becoming more aggressive toward making sure their bottom dollar grows.  They also have no issue slowing or throttling users connection and even sometimes completely blocking them all together from accessing certain sites based on the providers decision.  This is making browsing or streaming a hideous service at times, and while it can be bothersome for the end user – it doesn’t bother the telecommunication companies.

Top 5 Reasons You Need A VPN


Stop your ISP from throttling your speed.  There is certainly evidence that many providers will block or slow down your internet speed when streaming from certain services such as IPTV providers and other well known multi million dollar companies.

Verizon has recently been accused of throttling users that were streaming Netflix and YouTube.  This is not the first occurrence that a big name provider has been in this position and surely will not be the last.

Comcast in 2014 required Netflix to pay a fee to them in order to resume normal speeds after they were as well caught throttling.  Comcast and Verizon both have customers spending their hard earned dollar to access the internet, yet they make their services less than desirable for their customers.  That is service with a smile isn’t it?


Hide your geographic location and access content from other countries.  A VPN will allow you to mask your current location.  This will in turn also allow you to access content that typically would be blocked.

You can set your current location to any country you wish and then access content that are only available for users in those countries.


If you are going to be download torrents of any files that can possibly infringe copyright laws, I don’t just recommend using a VPN – I will tell you to get IPVanish VPN now or before you start!

All your activity can be traced and your IP address has a thumb print when you are using uTorrent or any other program to download and upload files on any site that offers these types of transfers.

You should be very careful when downloading torrent’s and one way to ensure you are safe is by having a reliable VPN connected.


Avoid public Wi-Fi intrusions by using your VPN on your PC, tablet or mobile device when at your local restaurant or pub. VPN When using a public Wi-Fi your connection is more vulnerable to attacks.

Thes attacks are much easier to do than you may think.  As a matter of fact you can probably intrude on someone at the local café as well – even without knowing any programming or technical skills.  These type of connections are usually less secure, and all it takes it a simple program or app download and the software will help you easily hijack a nearby victim or at the very least see their activity.

When using a VPN while accessing public Wi-Fi, these hacks are not possible because once again your actions are being masked and unable to de-code.


The United States House and Senate have passed a law in 2017 that no longer gives you privacy or protects your online actions.  The USA administration now states that your internet service provider can access your browsing history and takes it one step further by allowing them to even sell it to third parties.

This is a step back from the past, and now infringes upon your online privacy.  To avoid having your ISP sell any data you have seen or sent on the internet to marketers, third parties or even the government themselves, use IPVanish VPN at all times to give yourself the best privacy and protection when using the internet.

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