The FBI Has Seized Everything, Gears TV Shutdown

Omi in Hellcat on YouTube has released a video stating the FBI has seized everything from him. He is the founder of Gears TV and goes into detail about the entire ordeal.

Some of the items mentioned seized are all his car, camera’s, TV, SD card in his house – houses. Even his kids items, XBox and toys were also handed over.

As usual he goes on to talk about all the fortune he has made and while we do not know exactly how much he makes, he gloats about it frequently. While filming the video for YouTube he states he is using a friends phone because his mobile phone was taken as well.

He claims they are also going after him for tax invasion and laundering, but claims he has never done such thing and over time he the truth will come out.

I Never Stole Channels

Omar says he never stole any channels, the channels are delayed and mentions how it is not illegal to stream in the USA. He claims he found and exploited a loophole that makes what he did legal.

Omar went on to say those on Gears TV don’t worry, a resolution is coming soon. Does that mean it will return? That is hard to say and we will have to follow what happens.

Watch His Video Below

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In this video Omar spells out parts of his life, says he will take full responsibility for his doings. He also mentions he will do a few years in jail most likely and hopes no one else does.

He also goes on to say how he decided to go on YouTube live and kill himself. Spoiler alert, thankfully that does not happen.

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