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April 15, 2019

This app has been one of the longest running apps and you can count on at least 1 update each week.

The newest version adds some additional link providers (including Real-Debrid) links and fixes a bug that was causing the shows to not play on certain devices.

There also has been subtitle view fixes for Arabic and other languages.

March 19, 2019 TeaTV 8.8r

Version Updates 8.8r

  • Added an option to start over / resume playback of streams. This has been a feature most of the streaming APK’s have been incorporating into their apps. Tea TV has now has added this feature as well.
  • Fixed link providers to improve reliability and working streams.
  • Reduced fullscreen ads. Ads are a way that app developers earn compensation and stay motivated to maintain and improve the apps for consumers. Sometimes they can be annoying but remember it helps support the creators and is what keeps them from discontinuing the projects. It is a nice touch to see some reduction in full-screen ads in this update.

Tea TV is another of the top Android applications available for streaming movies and TV shows. It has an even more awesome twist in the fact that it is also not only available for Android, but Windows and Mac as well.

The version number currently being 8.7 gives a good idea of how long this app has been around. With each version being updated as a 0.1 per update, there has now been over 80 updates since launch and it is always improving to give users the best streaming entertainment possible.

Movies & TV Shows

As with most streaming apps available you will have no shortage of movies and television series with TeaTV. The TV Shows will include your favorite classics and new hit series.

Major UFC events, boxing and other sporting events can also be found on demand within the TeaTV library of streams.

When browsing the app you will be able to choose the category you are most interested in to find what you are searching for faster.

Movie Categories

When browsing the movie section you will have four tabs to choose from including Popular, Top Rated, Upcoming and Now Playing.

The Now Playing section will where you will be able to find movies currently at the box office before they even hit the digital media or are available for rent. The Now Playing section also may be in lower quality since they are newer and have not had the opportunity to populate many HD capable streams yet.

The Upcoming portion of the tabs may have movies that are currently unavailable, but will be available very soon. You may also find some working in this section as well if they have just been released. Again the movies in this category may be lesser quality than those in the other sections.

Where I like to find my movies are in the Popular and Top Rated tabs. You will still find some of the popular at the box office movies, but can also locate high quality streams of movies that just becoming available on Blu-ray and DVD and find tons of great movies to enjoy.

TV Show Categories

Categories you will find in this area of Popular, Top Rated, On The Air and Airing Today.

Airing Today are shows that are scheduled to air at a certain time either on network TV or Cable / Satellite. Some of these shows may be unavailable until shortly after the show has aired. I have however found some shows actually working before the scheduled air time.

On The Air is very similar to that of Airing Today. It should be shows that are currently playing, however, you will find a mix of shows that are currently airing today and this season within this section. It is a good way to find current shows to start binge-watching to.

Popular and Top Rated are going to be the most popular TV shows currently available including ones that have been rated the highest by viewers.


Don’t know what you are looking for? Go to the discover tab of the app and it will have everything you can imagine shown in one place. Sports, reality shows, movies, networks and more.

This is a great place to find awesome movies and TV shows that you never new existed and find something possibly outside of your usual viewing comfort zone.

HD Releases

We all love watching the big screen in the best quality possible, if that is you check out this section.

Everything you find in this tab of the app will only have HD movies and TV shows that are in the best quality possible.

Sometimes, however, the best may suffer more buffering issues. If this is the case you may either try to choose another high-quality link available, lesser quality stream or a real-debrid account to access premium links.

Works with Real-Debrid

If you have a Real-Debrid (Link to signup for Real-Debrid) account you can link it to TeaTV and use the premium links to reduce buffering completely and start watching even better streams on the majority of streams available.

I prefer using Real-Debrid links when available and recommend everyone that are streaming addicts to do the same.

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Download TeaTV APK / Windows / Mac

You can download the TeaTV app for Android, Windows and Mac directly from this website by visiting the Streamer Tips Apps Download Page.


You can also download TeaTV by using the Streamer Tips Filelinked code.

Fileinked Code: 12433352 Pin # 5500

If you need more information on how to install Filelinked on your Android device, NVidia Shield or Fire TV visit my Filelinked page for more information as well as the codes.

You can also download TeaTV from the website.