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If you are a Gears TV or Reloaded subscriber with Streams R Us you may have noticed that your username and password is no longer working.  This is due to the immediate without warning discontinuation of the service.

Streams R Us Install Steps

Streams R Us Has Been Discontinued

Streams R Us Was Movies On Demand

Streams R Us is no longer available and will no longer be maintained, updated or work in the future.

Streams R Us was a free movies on demand APK and Kodi add-on that worked in conjunction with Gears TV.

Subscribers of the popular Gears TV service were also able to user their login credentials to access the app adding thousands of on demand, 1 click movies new and old from all different types of genres including action, comedy, kids, documentaries and others.

TV Shows Never Made It

While it has been promised in the past that television shows would soon be added to the Streams R Us add-on making it your total stop for the best in on demand content, TV shows never were released prior to the discontinuation of Streams R Us.

The Announcement

Streams R Us

Facebook post notifying members of the discontinuation of Streams R Us.

The head of Gears TV made this announcement on April 21, 2018.  In the announcement it was stated that Streams R Us is not legal and urged its members to support movie companies such as Netflix if they would like to continue to watch movies on demand.

While streaming is not illegal in most countries, it is not legal to download or host the content being streamed.  Of course check with all your local state, country or providence and their laws prior to streaming to verify if you actions are legal.

It is also recommended that you use a VPN to make all your online activities anonymous which is an excellent layer of protection in keeping all your online browsing and streaming private.  To check the current IPVanish VPN prices, please click here.

Streams R Us is now available and is completely free.  To get the Filelinked code so that you can download it and start watching movies with it, Join the Streamer Tips Facebook group.  The Filelinked code is available inside this group once you are an approved member.

Use Other Apps – Great Streams R Us Alternatives

While Streams R Us is no longer available, there are plenty of ways to find free streaming content.  One of the most popular streaming apps available on Android is Terrarium TV which is full of recent and past television series, movies, documentaries and more.

A new app is also now available called Morpheus which can be found searching it using Aptoide on your Android of Amazon Fire TV device.

You can install these apps easily using Droid Admin and the proper code.  To get a list of some codes and how you can install Droid Admin so you can start using Terrarium TV, Morpheus and other apps right now, see my latest list of Droid Admin codes available for easy install.

In the world of streaming especially for those looking for alternatives to traditional cable TV and on demand services, you must accept and be willing for immediate change.  The key is being versatile and accepting to modify your devices in such a way that the latest working content is available on your device.  This means installing the latest APK and Kodi add-ons available to keep your Android box streaming the most and latest content available.