Super Charge Your Fire TV Stick – 7+ Streaming Apps – Updated For 2020!

Before you can proceed with these steps you will need to have your Fire Stick Jail Broken and have installed Filelinked on your device. If you do not have these steps done yet, click here for a very easy tutorial I have created on this site to guide you through setting it up. Once completed, come on back and start installing this streaming applications.

Launch Filelinked on your Fire TV Stick. If you are using an NVidia Shield or another Android device including mobile devices, you can use it as well.

Step 1

Launch Filelinked and enter the following code: 12433352. This will give you a list of applications that are maintained by the Streamer Tips team. Keep in mind, the apps themselves are not hosted or maintained by Streamer Tips. We only link to the files as we find them.

Once you have entered 12433352, click on continue.

Step 2

You will be given a long list of applications you can choose from, but first will be greeted with a message from us at Streamer Tips. I recommend you read through it and then click dismiss.

Another prompt will soon appear that you will need to dismiss as well.

Scroll down the page just a little until you see CATEGORY: Movies & TV VOD.

Step 3

Choose an application that you would like to install. You can choose any of the apps that are available and you can even tell when they were last modified at the Streamer Tips Filelinked store by looking at the modified date.

To start, go ahead and install BeeTV. To install the app, click the down arrow and you will begin to see it start the download.

After the download has completed it will turn to a play button. Click the play button to install BeeTV. Once the installation has completed, you will be able to launch the app and start streaming movies and TV shows from thousands of links across the web.

My Top 7 Streaming App Picks For 2020

I recommend you install all the following apps. Rinse and repeat Step 3 until all the apps you want on your device have been installed.

  1. BeeTV
  2. Cat Mouse
  3. CyberFlix
  4. Morpheus TV
  5. Titanium
  6. TV Zion
  7. Typhoon TV
  8. Viva TV

Other applications I recommend for live streaming are:

  1. Mobdro
  2. HDTV Ultimate

Utilities that you will need for some of the apps.

  1. MX Player – Be sure and select the version for your device.
  2. VLC Player – Be sure and select the version for your device.
  3. Kodi 18.5 – Only if you plan on using Kodi Builds, add-ons or creating your own server on your network.

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