Some IPTV Services Are Coming Back Online

After a police raid earlier this week, Xtream Codes was shutdown down and still has not recovered. Xtream Codes is only the facilitator that was being used by most IPTV companies to manage their content. This is known as the "panel".

The panel controls the customer base of subscribers, accounts, and is the engine that runs most services. Now because even though some services use Xtream Codes for the management, their streams may be separated and not affect the streaming. This is however not the case for most services out there.

For more information on the police raid visit my last article Xtream Codes down for more details.

IPTV Services Bounce Back

Just days after the take down, IPTV services are already coming back online. I have a list of some of the services that are back online according to reports.

These services may not be fully restored, may not be completely stable yet, and may not be taking new subscribers at this time.

Currently streaming online (or partially).

  • Eternal TV
  • Gears TV
  • Undisputed
  • Streams 4 Us
  • Players Klub
  • Thunder TV

May still be offline as of September 22, 2019.

  • King of Streams
  • Crystal Clear
  • Voyager Hosting

There is no doubt there are many more still offline and some in this report that are working as well. If you would like to report a working service or non-working service email to get it added to the list.

A VPN Is Important

If you are using a streaming IPTV service it is now more important than before to hide your identity and prevent your internet service provider, the government and everyone else from spying on your online activities.

For the best results I recommend using IPVanish VPN. Click here to check out the current VPN prices. The yearly plan offers the best value for your money, but monthly plans are readily available.

Expect Some Trial And Error

While many IPTV services are going to bounce back if your favorite one hasn't already, expect some growing pains for the services that do get restored.

Most services will be using the XTream Codes cracked edition which is an older version and may require more time to get the kinks out. This could lead to initial buffering and other issues as well as down time.

The best advice I have is to be patient and grateful once the service of your choice is back up and running. Also, don't blame the provider you are with as they are most likely working to get your services restored and the down time was out of their hands.

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