Players Klub is one of the least expensive IPTV services currently available when it comes to streaming live TV.  You will get access to over 1000 channels including all your favorite USA, UK and Canada channels for only $8 per month for 1 stream of service.

I have purchased a subscription myself and am creating a video series showing the exact steps I did to signup and purchase the service as well as install it on my device.

If you are interested in purchasing a Players Klub 1 month subscription, you can click here to be redirected to the official payment portal for Players Klub subscribers.

Create your Players Klub account

 The first thing you must do signup and make your Players Klub purchase. 

The video below will show the exact steps I did to signup and pay for a Players Klub account.

Watch Players Klub In A Web Browser

Players Klub browser features:

  • Live TV channels now even with a TV guide along side some shows.  This will show you the schedule of upcoming shows and current shows streaming.
    • Includes hundreds of channels as well as USA, UK, Canada and many other countries.
    • Includes 24 / 7 channels.
    • Catch does does not work.
  • Includes radio stations from around the world.
  • Includes Movies on Demand.  This is a small selection, don’t expect a large selection of blockbuster hits, but it does have a decent variety of movies to watch.

This is really a nice feature that the Players Klub IPTV service has rolled out.  You no longer need an actual application or APK of any kind to stream the service.

You can easily use the service with nothing more than a simple web browser.  This essentially makes this service usable on virtually any device imaginable since most devices have web browsers or the capability to install one.

From the tests I did I was not able to locate a way to access a guide within the browser feature, but loved the way it work!  It was so simple, quick and easy.  You launched the website, enter your Players Klub username and password and your off to streaming away.

You can easily access the service with a browser by visiting and start using your paid service without any installation steps or methods.

The video below shows The Players Klub service using only a web browser.

Install Players Klub On An Android Device

Players Klub is most popular for the Android version of the streaming service.

You can download a copy of the latest version of TPK Box which no doubt stands for The Players Klub Box.

Direct Download Link:

TPK Player V3_1.6.9.1

Install The Player Klub using Filelinked on an NVidia Shield, Fire TV or other Android device:  Video Install Steps

I Recommend A Reliable VPN

Players Klub works with or without a VPN and you may not notice much difference depending on who your internet service provider is.  I always try to have a VPN connected when I am doing just basic tasks online, and always turn it on when streaming IPTV and movies on demand from Android apps.

A reliable VPN such as IPVansih VPN will hide your identity by masking your IP address.  This will also allow you to appear in other states, providences and even countries.

Don’t risk it, you can click the button below for more information and signup for IPVanish VPN, or simply go google a VPN of your choice. 

Either way, please protect yourself from unwanted eyes.

Ready To Become A Players Klub Member?

For less than 1 movie at the box office you can start streaming all your favorite live TV movies, sports and family programming instantly.

It is one of the best values available for live TV.