How To Setup Plex Media Server On Windows 10

Plex Media Server is a great and server that can be installed on Windows 10 completely free.  This server will allow you to add all your media files in folders and then have them sorted by Plex.  Plex will actually read the title of all your media and try and determine what movie, TV show, song or album it pertains to and sort it accordingly by scraping the internet for the information.

Once Plex has determined the exact media that has been added, it will create automatically a thumbnail, description, title and have it listed in your library for immediate use on your server, or access from your devices connected to the network.  Plex will also allow you to access your server remotely even when not connected to your WiFi or home network if the settings are correct.


It is completely free to signup for a Plex account and takes very little time.  Follow all the steps on the signup page and you will then be ready to download and install the Plex Media Server.

Download / Install PlexPlex Download

To get the server up and running you simply need to visit Plex and download the server software for Windows 10.  Alternatively if you are using a Mac, Linux and many other platforms, the server software may be available for you as well.

You will follow all the simple steps once you choose Windows as the operating system you would like to install the Plex server on, you whichever operating system you choose.

Once you have successfully downloaded Plex and installed it on Windows you will will need to setup an account.


Add Contentlibraries

Once you have the Plex Media Server installed it is time to add libraries to the server so that you will be able to stream the content on all your devices.  Open your Plex Media Server from the start menu and begin adding content to your server.


If you have movies and you would like to add them to your Plex server, simply click Add Library (it could be a plus sign next to library), then select movies.

Now you will need to browse to the folder that contains all your movies.  If you have more than one folder that contains movie content, you will need to repeat these steps for each folder until completed.  Once the library is added Plex will scrape the internet and try and sort your movies accordingly.

Make sure you movie filename is precisely the name of the movie.  It is also a good idea to place the year the movie was released after the title.  This helps Plex when identifying the movie especially if multiple films have similar titles.

TV Shows

This is where you will add the folders that contains all your TV series, sitcoms and shows that contain multiple episodes.  The process is the same as it was for movies and will sort your shows accordingly for easy navigation from any device using Plex that accesses your server.


Sometimes you don’t want to watch television, you just want to get your jam on.  If you have some folders on your PC server or external drive attached, add your music folders as well.  Plex will as it did with the video streams, scrape the web and find the details pertaining to your albums and songs and have them easily accessible to you.  You will then be able to stream all your audio music as well from your other devices.


This section does not scrape the internet for you, however will be a great place to add your photos that you would like to see not only on your PC, but from anywhere.  Keep in mind you will allow your photos to be seen from anyone accessing your server, but is a great way to show friends and family your portrait collection without having to cram each other around a computer in a tight place.

Other Videos

If you have some videos that the internet will not be able to find any information for such as home videos, cams and other video content, this is the category to add these folders too.  This will allow you to watch all video recordings you have, however Plex will not be searching for any information on these videos.


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