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Set TV is one of the oldest and most popular IPTV services that operates inside the United States.  They offer a wide selection of live channels from the United States as well as other parts of the world.

set tv lawsuitI myself have used Set TV in the past and it truly is a decent service that allows users to access up to 3 different devices at the same time and the majority of the channels are in high definition (HD) quality.  There are going to be some obvious questions in regards to this lawsuit that has been filed against Set TV so I will address some of the most popular questions below.

Who has filed this lawsuit against Set TV?  Warner Bros, Sony, Paramount, Twentieth Century Fox, Universal, Disney, Amazon, Columbia and Netflix are all apart of this lawsuit and there could be others that join as well.

Should I continue to use Set TV?  Yes you can still use the Set TV service.  If you have a current subscription, continue to use your service and enjoy it!  The service has not been discontinued at this time.

Can I get in trouble for using Set TV?  The lawsuit is not designed to go after the end users.  The lawsuit is instead targeting the operation of Set TV.  It is also not the users responsibility to determine if the content is licensed for distribution.  There are many services out there including Set TV, Netflix, DirecTV Now, Sling, Hulu, etc…  There would be no way to determine if any of those services have the rights to distribute any of the content to there subscribers.  Therefore as an end user you have nothing to worry about.

Can I continue my subscription?  Yes, Set TV is going to fight this lawsuit tooth and nail as it appears.  Therefore the operation of the service including renewals and new accounts will continue to be processed as normal.  I would however recommend only purchasing 1 month at a time.  It can be risky to purchase multiple months, especially a year.  If the service does get shutdown at some point you may not recover your prepaid payments.

Will other IPTV providers be affected?  It is quite possible that the movie studios will start to target additional IPTV providers and if there is any new lawsuits that occur, we will announce it on this site.  A lot will also depend on how this particular lawsuit unfolds as well as the length of time it is in court.

Some IPTV providers are removing on demand content.  Area 51 has recently dropped much of the on demand features and Gears TV has discontinued Streams R Us.  This is likely in an effort to reduce there chance of getting on the studio companies radar.

IPTV service is created by essentially piggy back riding on a source for each stream that is routed to the end users device.  This is a way IPTV services avoid hosting the streams and claiming in doing so that they are not infringing copyright laws.