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Protecting yourself while online is more now than ever before. The big tech companies such as Facebook has already proven they care very little about the users privacy that user their platform regularly.

With the use of a VPN leader like IPVanish VPN you will no longer have to worry about your information being vulnerable as all of the data that is being transmitted on the internet will be kept confidential.

Ever Changing Laws

The laws are always evolving around the world and as streaming becomes more popular and users stream content that normally would require a subscription fee, rental or purchase agreement – laws are going to make it harder to stream some content legally while online.

The laws of the United Kingdom actually state that if you are streaming something that normally would require a fee such as a movie that is currently in the box office, you are violating copyright laws.

However in the United States the law states streaming is a misdemeanor, not a felony. This does still mean streaming is in a gray area, but at this time they don’t put too much effort attempting to go after those streaming. Rather they look for those that are hosting the content by shutting down the source of the operation.

The USA laws are also subject to change with lawmakers and content licensing companies such as those from the UFC, HBO, Disney, etc. are in talks with the US lawmakers to craft a law that would make streaming a felony in the United States.

I do not agree with this law they are trying to develop as I believe it should not be up to the person consuming content to make sure they are not watching unlicensed material. In many cases it can be extremely hard to detect what is and is not licensed for consumers to freely stream.

Check out this article that Troy Point wrote going into great detail about the possibility of a streaming law change in the future. It is important to note this was attempted in 2011 as well and failed.

The White House is now however under a new administration, so time will tell if anything comes from this sometime in future. USA Lawmakers Push To Criminalize Streaming – Troy Point Article.


In many parts of the globe including the UK, and all the European Union laws prevent some content from being viewed in those regions. Tubi TV and The Roku Channel are a couple of apps that restrict use in some parts of the world.

With IPVanish VPN you will be able to log into a server located in the United States, Canada or many other countries so you will be able to access content from those areas.

For example if you try to use watch a movie on Tubi TV from the EU and you receive an error or message stating you cannot view the content in your area, a VPN will help.

Log into IPVanish VPN and select the server in the country that apps requires you to reside in. Once connected you will be able to use the app, view the website or watch the content once you have connected to the neighboring country.

IPVanish VPN also has a scramble feature to try and hide the fact that you are using a VPN if a particular program blocks VPN usage when trying to use Geo-filtering.

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