Plex Over The Air Live TV And DVR Now Available For Android And Apple Devices

Earlier this year Plex launched a new feature for Plex Pass users that allows DVR functionality and live TV for supported devices.  This is a very useful feature for cord cutters and allows users to not only watch live TV, but to also schedule DVR recordings to watch at a later time as well.

Equipment Needed

In order to setup your home DVR and Live TV Plex server you will need a Windows PC or Mac computer and a couple of items connected to computer first.

I use the Win TV HD Hauppauge USB Tuner  since I am a Windows 10 user.  It simply plugs into your USB port and allows recording up to 2 shows at once.  If you are using a Mac you will need the SiliconDust HDHomeRun Tuner which can also be used on Windows as well.  Additional tuners can be added as well to allow more recordings or live TV streams simultaneously.

An antenna is also required and I use a RCA Digital Flat TV Antenna (CANT1400) that simply plugs into the HD TV Tuner.  You will want to point the antenna toward your major antenna towers in your area.  I cut a small hole in the ceiling and added an extra 25 feet of coax cable to the antenna and placed it in the attic for best reception.  This not required, however placing the antenna higher will guarantee the best signal reception.

Visit my Windows Plex Server Steps for more detailed instructions on how to setup a Plex server on Windows 10.


Recording your favorite over the air shows has been possible for quite sometime for Plex Pass members and I have been using it and it works amazing.  To record a show you can view the program guide by opening your Plex server on your computer and browsing your program guide.  Find the movie or television show you would like to record and you can set it up to be scheduled.

Once your show is scheduled and has completely recorded, you will be able to watch your recorded shows on any Plex device.

Live TV

Plex has supported live TV for Android TV and the Plex Web app for a couple months, which means not only can you watch the recorded shows, but actually pick and choose the shows currently on air and stream it straight to your device using Plex.

Now Available On Apple And AndroidPlex Live TV Android

Live TV has now been rolled out to Android and iOS as well, making this feature even more attractive.  This allows users to see the program guide and what is currently on over the air television and the ability to instantly tune to the channel.

Pause, rewind and fast forwarding is also now available for the over the air live TV.

If you do not see these new features, check for updates or wait patiently for the update to be pushed to your device shortly.

Set Recordings

Another great new feature is for Apple and iOS users is the ability to browse the entire program guide and set recordings straight from the device as well.  Setting recordings is no longer required from only the Plex server, giving more versatility to the Live TV and DVR functionality.

More Devices Soon

You can already use Plex on your Fire TV and Roku devices as well including your recorded DVR shows.  Live TV however is currently not available on these devices yet, but have been said to be coming soon!  Once these devices allow Live TV using your Plex setup, it will be announced.

Plex Pass is required for the DVR and Live TV features.  Plex pass is $4.99 per month and allows access to more features than the free version.  Other pass plans are available for multiple months, a year and even lifetime.

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