Plex Live TV Now Available On Fire TV

More and more people are cutting the cord and Plex has made it even better for Plex Pass members.  If you have an antenna setup to your computer and are a Plex Pass member you will now be able to tune in to your over the air antenna channels with a complete and modern guide and experience.

Not wanting to watch live TV?

Browse upcoming movies, sports, shows and news including multiple episodes days and even weeks in advance.  Choose the desired show you don’t want to miss and select record and Plex will take care of the rest.

This is one of the best updates Plex has made and has been available on Android devices for a few weeks and I am excited this feature is now available for Fire TV and Fire TV Stick users.


You do have to have a few things setup and of course an over the air antenna to take advantage of this new feature.  A Plex pass subscription is also required that is $4.99 per month and also gives you access to beta projects and other great premium features.

  • Computer server that is running a Plex Server.
  • Digital antenna tuner.  I use a Hauppauge USB Tuner that connects to my windows PC in a standard USB port.
  • Over the air antenna.  I have had great success with a RCA flat standard antenna and placed it in the attic that connects to the USB Tuner.
  • A Plex pass subscription.  Much of the great features Plex offers is free including the Plex server.  Some applications may require a one time unlock fee as well.  For plex pass members, the unlock fee is not required on most devices and allows advanced features including DVR functionality and live TV if setup properly.

If you are a Plex user, I highly recommend if you have not already to purchase an USB Tuner and Antenna for your computer PC and add this new premium feature for you and your family to enjoy.  The quality is great if the antenna has a good enough signal and airs in Dolby Digital and pure HD when available.

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