The Players Klub is a paid IPTV add-on for Kodi that streams USA and UK live television channels to Kodi users across the world.  There has also been a limited version that allowed users to stream live content for free until now.


The Players Klub originally began as a completely free live add-on bringing thousands of users to Players Klub a few months ago.  There was no payment required and everyone was able to access all the content free of charge.

Anyone that understands Kodi would assume as the add-on became more popular it would require additional moneys to continue to operate.  This had I and others under the immediate impression it would not stay free for long, and they were likely offering the free service temporarily to get a decent following.

Premium Version Added / Free Version Still Available

It wasn’t long at all, maybe a couple weeks before they decided to go premium.  At this time time they still had a free version that overtime would become more and more restricted and giving free users less channels and content.  The free servers were also suppose to be separate from the paid servers, not guaranteeing the same quality of service as the paid service.

The free service had a special password that changed regularly, typically at least once or twice per month.  I developed a page for to show the latest password for users searching for the hidden login information.  It was one of the most popular pages on this site and still is.

Free Version Discontinued (July 27, 2017)

On or about July 27 The Players Klub announced the discontinuation of the free version of The Players Klub.  It is now required that you become a premium member of the service to stream any content using their add-on.

I do not endorse The Players Klub premium and for that reason decided to make this post for those that are in search of the free password.

I will continue to look for other free services and if you are in search of a premium service I would recommend either Set TV which will offer you a 3 day free trial to test the service and even has a customer support line; or Gears TV which I use myself as well.

If you have a free or premium service you prefer, please leave a comment below of your recommendations for others that visit this page.


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