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Latest Update Version 1.15.1

  • Updated audio decoder for the player when playing Torrents. Now the audio can support up to Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. I do not recommend using Torrents, if you must use them, please enable your VPN service. Torrents can be enabled and disabled in the settings menu.
  • Updated other providers as well.
  • Added Google Video.

March 8, 2019, Phoenix TV APK 1.13

The Phoenix APK TV Android app has been updated again with new providers, upgraded scrapers and some other fixes.

I do not see any significant changes in this update. The previous update brought Auto Rotation which was a nice added feature to the app, but usually updates are minor as this one was.

  • New providers were added. This is great as the more providers that they add, the better chance of finding working links for your favorite movies and television shows.
  • Patched some bugs. What update doesn’t?

There may have been a few other issues, trackers and other parts of the application updated as well. Regardless, for the best experience always be sure you are updated to the latest version.

Scroll down the page for download information.

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March 5, 2019, Phoenix TV APK 1.12

Phoenix TV, a fork of Morpheus, is one of the best movie and TV show APK’s currently available and should be installed on every streaming addict’s device.

Cartoon HD Updated

Cartoon HD is more than just cartoons and is a great part of the Phoenix TVs APK and its ability to get a large selection of movies for consumers to be able to enjoy within the app.

Keeping providers updated is key to maintaining a steller APK and Cartoon HD is a provider that the Phoenix TV APK uses to scrape movies and television shows.

It has been updated and I would recommend using this provider or at least testing it when available for the shows you are streaming.

Auto Rotator Added To Player

Android boxes, Fire TV and NVidia Shields are all great to watch your favorite shows on your favorite app, but that isn’t the only way out there.

More people are now using mobile and tablets devices than ever before. The new auto rotator feature will benefit those uses by having the smarts to auto rotate when necessary for the best playback performance.


Phoenix TV APK has the latest and best blockbuster movies that are currently playing in theaters as well as those that have made it to DVD and Blu-Ray.

There is a large selection of old classics and your favorites as well. With a “Search” feature within the Phoenix TV APK app you will be able to find the exact movie you are looking for and start streaming it in no time,

TV Shows

Not only will you find the movies, but plenty of binge watching television show episodes will also be available using this app.

Whether you are looking for your favorite shows from the 70’s or 80’s, or the most popular series that aired last night, you will be able to find it.

Some shows may take a few hours or even days before the latest shows are available. Most of the time they can be accessed within the following day the show aired on regular TV.

Download Phoenix TV APK

To download Phoenix TV APK you can either use Filelinked and or download it directly. Streamer Tips updates the versions of the file available several times per month to make sure you are getting the latest possible version.

If the version you downloaded happens to not be the latest version once it is installed you will see an UPDATE button that you can select to update once installed.F

Download using Filelinked

If you need more information on how to install Filelinked on your Android device, NVidia Shield or Fire TV visit my Filelinked page for more information as well as the codes.

To install Phoenix TV APK using Filelinked, use the following code and pin:

Fileinked Code: 12433352 Pin # 5500

Once you have entered the code and pin correctly you will see a list of available APK files. Scroll down until you find Phoenix TV APK. Download it and then install it. You may need to allow unknown sources from your settings (including unknown sources from Filelinked) on some devices.

Download Direct Link

If you have a browser and wish to download it directly by clicking a link you can visit my downloads page where the file can be found.

Click here to visit my download page to Download Phoenix TV APK directly from this website.

Once you visit the website you will need to look for Phoenix TV. Once clicked that link will immediately download the file to your device.

Are you using Phoenix TV APK? Leave a comment below and let everyone know if you are and how well it works.