My Nvidia Shield Review Using Kodi

M8s and M9s Android TV box

These are the most popular boxes on the market and for good reason.  It is extremely affordable especially if you are familiar with and know how to program it for Kodi, SPMC and other uses without hiring it out.


Below I have a few of the benefits these Android boxes offer:

      • Affordability – I highly recommend you stay away from the low bottom prices that fall under $20 or $30 and look for a mid – range box such as Leelbox.  If you are spending around $40 dollars on average you are doing good and probably have a box that will work well.  The M9s typically cost slightly more and is just an updated version.  If you can grab the M9s at a minimal difference from the M8s, I would go ahead and do so.
      • 2 gb of RAM.
      • 8 gb of Storage – While storage is something many people always ask about and is a benefit, if you are primarily wanting to use this for streaming it means nothing!  Don’t worry about storage all that much unless you are going to be adding a lot of apps, playing tons of games or storing media files such as music or movies on the device.
      • Add a USB mouse or keyboard to the box for ease of use.

Some of the not so good things about the M8s

      • At times it can be hard to navigate with the menu structure but over time you will overcome this and work it like a pro.
      • The remote must be pointed precisely at the box.  This can be a problem when lying in a bed, sitting on a couch or simply having an indirect angle pointing toward the box and can cause some occasional frustration.  A wireless keyboard and mouse combo is a great choice to use with this box.

Nvidia Shield

Nvidia Shield
Ethernet, 2 USB ports and Micro SD slots available.

There is nothing that compares to this setup yet.  It has everything an avid movie and television show buff would be looking for.  If you want to get the best, the top of the pack and nothing more this is probably a good choice for you.  It is also a very attractive design, slim and comes with a nice gaming controller.  This is an added benefit as well if you or some of your family members are gamers so you can avoid the added cost for a gaming controller.


      • Kodi is in the Google Play Store.  There is no need to side load Kodi or SPMC.
      • There are 2 USB ports that allows you to connect either a keyboard, mouse, flash drive or any other device including a webcam.
      • You can connect it to an Ethernet cable to get the best possible performance.  While wifi is great, a direct line is even better.
      • This device is equipped with 3 gb of RAM.  This is unheard of for television boxes and means the smoothest and fastest box currently on the market.
      • There is 16 gb of space for your apps, games and other files.  There is also a micro sd slot to upgrade up to about 128 gb of space as well.  If storage is a concern the Nvidia Shield Pro has been released and can support of to 500 gb of space.
      • The remote is chargeable and can connect and charge with an available USB port on the Shield or any USB powered outlet.
      • Surround Sound!  This is one of my favorites on this device.  While if you are primarily only using Kodi you will unlikely find a lot of shows with these features, but for HBO Go, Netflix, Vudu, Plex, Play On and many other apps you will.
        Slim, Sleek Design
        • The surround sound for the Nvidia Shield is compatible with 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound systems.
      • Fast – Because of the high RAM and the excellent processor you are going to get a box you will enjoy with less waiting and more viewing.


      • Limited instructions and manuals provided.  You will however find after extended use that it is quite easy to learn and use once you become familiar with the device.
      • Remote needs charged up to 5 hours before using.
      • Takes some time to get setup and update the device, but once it is completed it will start-up at a much faster pace.

If you are looking for a TV setup that can be used for movies, tv shows and games this is a great selection for you.  Ultimately it is your choice and if you are mainly going to just be watching TV without the games and don’t mind for a slightly slower setup the M8s and M89 may be better.


Both devices typically come with 4K, a HDMI cable and the essentials needed to start streaming immediately so it really depends on your needs in the streaming era.  If time is of value to you the Nvidia would suit your needs more as it will require less waiting and more watching of your favorite shows.
Either way it is up to you and there are other choices you can choose as well including Apple TV, Nexus and Fire TV.  What ever it is you choose, I do recommend you get at lest some sort of TV box and start streaming today!  There are many ways to watch television today without paying high fees to your local cable provider.

Below is a video of the Nvidia Shield in use with Kodi and a couple of games!


John Berry

I am a YouTube creator, website content generator and Kodi enthusiast. I enjoy helping others that are in need when it comes to streaming online, especially when using third party builds and add-ons for Kodi.

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