Net Neutrality Day Of Action – Preserving The Internet!

Net Neutrality Day of Action is July 12, 2017 and will be a day in which big and small internet enterprises from around the internet will speak out to try and preserve the internet as an open internet.

Supporters of Net Neutrality believe you should be able to freely access the internet as you wish without blocks, speed restrictions or other bans / limitations that the internet user is unable to perform based on the service provider.

Non supporters of Net Neutrality want to be able to control what can be accessed and at what speed when you are using their service.  This would limit users from being able to access sites that the ISP deems unavailable when using the service.

Net Neutrality Repealed Cons

If Net Neutrality is overturned and the FCC gets their way you will soon find that the internet as we have always known it is gone.

  • Fast lane internet highway.
    • Your internet service provider will be able to provide a fast lane internet and you will have access to these sites and media at top speed by your ISP.
  • Slow lane internet highway.
    • While the fast lane sounds great, the slow lane is not even part of the now and current Net Neutrality that is is in danger as there is only one speed for all content you access.
    • Your ISP can assign specific content, sites, streaming media etc… to be in the slow lane.  This will cause buffering and unnecessary wasted time to access the content as you will not be able to access it at the same speed as the content on the fast lane.
    • Some sites or companies may be able to join the fast lane at an additional cost.  This however will likely trickle down to the end user (subscriber of that service.)
  • Restricted Content.
    • Blocked sites will be highly likely as your ISP will be able to restrict users from accessing sites they prohibit.  This means you will only be able to access content your ISP allows.  They will be able to pick and choose what content you will be able to see on the internet.
  • Similar to Cable TV.
    • The internet companies could (and they would make more money, so they would) create tiers for your internet packages as your cable packages already have.  In other words a free internet could possibly still be an option should your ISP have such a package.  This could however come as a premium package costing subscribers an extra fee to access various parts of the World Wide Web.

Net Neutrality Repealed Pros

The only people / companies that will benefit from the dismantle of Net Neutrality is those in the telecommunication stratosphere. Even then only those in the highest positions will gain the most.  It will be great for the corporation and no savings or benefits will be passed on to any of the consumers.

This truly is one of the worst things that can happen for the internet and is exactly why tons of companies are against it including Amazon, Netflix, IPVanish, Porn Hub, Mozilla and hundreds of others!  These companies cannot preserve the internet themselves and that is why every person needs to pitch it.

It is very important you and all internet users join the Internet Wide Day Of Action and let your congressmen know that they need to preserve the internet and not allow blocks, slow downs and other restrictions that should not be allowed to be in place.

IPVanish VPN Methods

One way to currently prevent your ISP from monitoring your browsing history or sites visited is by using a VPN.  This will allow you to mask all you do online and prevent unwanted blocks, slowdowns and other restrictions.

To stop your ISP from spying on you get IPVanish VPN and start streaming freely without any worries or restrictions placed on your service by your ISP.

Join the Net Neutrality Day Of Action

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