Mobile Internet Provider Throttling Their Customers

Verizon wireless has recently decided to limit millions of their customers access to the internet especially when streaming.  There most basic unlimited plan now only allows users of the service to stream in standard definition.

That is right!

They will begin plans starting at around $80 and not even allow HD streaming.  Verizon specifically states that on the Go Unlimited plan, users will be restricted to 480p quality.  This limitation also does not discriminate on the style of streaming.  YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Kodi and all other methods used will be affected with this restriction.

Don’t worry though, for about an extra $10 a month they will go ahead and allow users to stream in 720p, but still never completely unlock the full power of streaming quality to 1080p, unless of course you are on a Wi-Fi conneciton.

VPN Coach has more details on this story.  It simply reiterates how internet users from mobile to home users are all being jeopardized by the lack of interest in net neutrality.  These types of changes are likely to continue wide spread not only in the mobile community, but with home internet usage as well.  Different internet speeds for various types of content being used when online is becoming a true reality.

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