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The latest information is out that is very concerning especially for mobile users on Wi-Fi.  Most people have heard of WPA2 which is the most common and 2nd iteration that is supposed to allow protected Wi-Fi access.  However it has now been exploited that Krack Attack Damages are possible to those using Wi-Fi.  I will explain in detail how this can cause damages to you and anyone else on a Wi-Fi network.

Krack Attack Damages

WPA2 allows network connections to be secure in a way that during the initial Wi-Fi communication between your device and the network, during password verification and multiple handshakes to prevent unauthorized access.

The way this works is once a user attempts to access a Wi-Fi network, the user will be required to enter a password to be granted access to the network.  Once the password has been sent, WPA2  creates an encrypted key that prevents all other internet traffic from accessing the network.  This is where the issues begin.  Hackers have found a security hole allowing them to access and spy during this stage of the connection.

They can then continue to witness all your activities including any information you send including credit cards, banking information, emails, passwords and more.  The intruder would then be able to quickly gain access to your bank account and other personal information doing damage before you new what happened.

Android Boxes

While mobile phones are at the highest risk for this type of threat, streaming devices are not completely out of the woods.  When these devices are connecting to a Wi-Fi connection using WPA2 the risk is there for this type of intrusion.

To avoid any risk, connect hardwired if possible.  Avoid accessing sites when the device is connected over the wireless network that requires sensitive information until a patch has been released or use IPVanish VPN to hide all your information when online.

Update Your Devices Once Prompted

Expect an update to be rolled out swiftly in response to this find that will patch and fix this problem for all users that own and use a Wi-Fi WPA2 device.  If you would like to go ahead and be assured your information is safe immediately and add another layer of protection, I recommend signing up to IPVanish VPN today and protecting all your devices from these types of treats.

Add Protection And Privacy

If you have a VPN connected to your device when you access the Wi-Fi network, there will be another layer of security added..

IPVanish VPN will create a secure connection and remove the possibility of any of these vulnerabilities from occurring when connected to the IPVanish VPN server while accessing the web.  The data being sent and received will be shielded by an encryption tunnel not allowing any of the hackers to see any of your information.