Kodi Add-on Developers Call It Quits – Shutting Down


There has been an extraordinary amount of add-on developers state they are no longer going to be continuing to manage their add-on and will cease all operations making the content that was previously available no longer accessible.

This has begun after a recent lawsuit was filed by Dish Network toward the Kodi developers, particularly TV Addons which has possibly caused the developers to reconsider their projects.  While in the United States streaming is legal, there are still questions regarding what the courts would say if the developers were challenged in regards to making the content easily available for the end user and this could be partly why many of them have decided to discontinue all developments either temporarily or completely.

Some of the add-ons that have decided to pull there content are:

  • Phoenix
    • Phoenix was one of the best and longest running add-ons for Kodi.  The Phoenix add-on contained Diva’s Den, Dr Stream, Crusaders88 and much more as well as a fitness section including Insanity workouts that was a hit among many Kodi users.
  • One242415
    • This add-on was part of Phoenix until April of this year when the developer decided to go on his own and create his own add-on apart from Phoenix.  You were able to find loads of movies, television shows in HD quality and even classics including westerns and black and white cinemas from decades back.
    • One24215 says he will not return and will no longer have his content accessible on Kodi and is stopping all development.
  • Salt
    • Stream All The Sources will find hundreds of movie links for almost any movie you can think of and has decided to no longer operate.  This add-on will no longer be available for Kodi.
  • cCloud
    • Live televison from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and all over the world could be found in cCloud.  This add-on will no longer be available as it will also cease development.
  • UK Turk Playlist
  • Vortex

There are other add-ons that are pulling there content from Kodi and I will update them over time and should any decide to resume development I will also note that as well.  It is however fair to say that a lot of great streaming content is no longer going to be available soon, if it not already.

Some of these add-ons may continue to work for days, weeks or even months by scraping content from the internet.  However without any future updates, they will slowly deteriorate until they are completely useless. Others will stop immediately and not function at all.

There are still some add-ons going to be available that choose not to shutdown, applications that can be installed on your devices and alternative ways to stream content.  The way you stream the content may be changing, but alternative sources will be available.

I will keep this site updated on the best ways to reduce your cable costs and continue to cut the cord as new and intuitive ways come available.


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