Another update for Kodi version 17 has been released making the latest version now Kodi 17.4. This is only a minor update and only fixes problems that have been found in the current Kodi version.

Some of the fixes that may occur with this latest update can be found here. This is not a security update or major update as you will likely hear some articles state. This is simply an update to fix a few issues to make the current version even more stable than what it already is.

By performing this update you will insure you have the best possible performance when using your Kodi device.  You will not however notice much of anything as there will be no additional features or changes to the current Kodi version.  For that you will need to wait until the final release is available of Kodi 18.

You can find the beta versions of Kodi available at if you want to test out future versions.  I personally recommend waiting until all the issues are fixed.  You can see how even months after a release date, some issues still needed to be addressed resulting in another bug fix update.  I would update as soon as you can to have the best experience possible when using Kodi.

If you need to install Kodi 17 on your Fire TV or Fire Stick, my tutorial steps will now install version 17.4.  I have updated the files required to insure the latest version of Kodi will be installed.

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