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Real Debrid is a great way to improve your success when attempting to access streams while using many Kodi add-ons.  When you have Real Debrid enabled on your Kodi device and compatible add-ons scrape the internet, Real Debrid links will also become available.

The links that are available with this service are of higher premium status meaning the links are less likely to cause issues when watching the stream while using Real Debrid links.  This includes less buffering issues, broken links and much quicker load times.

While Real Debrid links at time may still buffer occasionally or not work, these links add an increased chance and convenience of easily finding links that have a much greater success rate without the buffering.  Overall after using the service for just a short time I noticed a lot less frustration.  The majority of the time the first successful Real Debrid link worked excellent without the need of searching for a faster link.

After I purchased my Real Debrid account I was a bit skeptical.  I even expected to test the service and find little difference.  Instead I find myself using only Real Debrid links when available and enjoying my Kodi streaming experience that much more.

Real Debrid Premium Features

  • Links are on faster servers reducing buffering and load times.
  • No ads or intrusive banners when using the links.
  • Works on multiple devices (in the same household NO SHARING).
  • Can be used when using IPVanish VPN.
  • Works with Terrarium as well!  Simply go into the Terrarium settings to activate once you have an account.

Setting Up Real Debrid In Kodi

First you must have the URL Resolver installed to complete the steps which I will assume you already have installed.  If you have any add-on installed the uses Real Debrid, the URL Resolver is installed during the add-on installation.

  • Go the SYSTEM menu.  This gear in the upper left corner on Kodi Krypton is the SYSTEM menu.
  • Next go to System Settings > Add-ons > Manage Dependencies > URLResolver.
  • Once you click on URLResolver, click Configure > Universal Resolvers > Scroll down to Real-Debrid.
  • Click Priority and change the priority to 90 under Real-Debrid and then click OK.
  • Once again click Configure > Universal Resolvers > Scroll down to Real-Debrid and this time click on (RE)Authorize My Account.
    • It will now give you a website that you need to goto within just a couple of minutes.  The website is htts://  Once you goto that website enter the code they provided when logged into your Real Debrid account.
      • If the code was entered properly on a valid account the message will disappear on the Kodi screen and you should see a message stating that your Real Debrid Account has been authorized.

Terrarium Real Debrid Setup

If you are a Terrarium TV user and would like to add extra Real Debrid links while using it, the steps couldn’t be easier.  This will give users of Terrarium the ability to access the premium links as well for Real Debrid members.

  • Once in Terrarium click the hamburger menu in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Scroll down to and click settings.
  • Look for Login to Real-Debrid.

Once you click the login you will once again be prompted with a special code and website in which you will need to goto on either your phone, computer or tablet and link Terrarium to your Real Debrid account.  If you would like to check out the service, you can do so by ==>>> clicking here.