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Terrarium TV has been one of the most popular streaming apps available on Android devices for the last few years.  That is why when abruptly in the early part of September the developer of Terrarium TV, NitroXenon, stated the app would be shutdown at the end of the month, users from all parts of the world spoke out on YouTube, social media sites and internet forums with displeasure.

The developer of Terrarium TV announced a couple days after the closure notice, that if any information is requested by authorities he will readily hand over the information.  Based on this statement alone I would not recommend using Terrarium TV any longer.  If you do continue to use it, be sure and have a VPN to hide your IP Address and geographical location.


The easiest solution if you are worried about what Terrarium TV may do with the information they have from your streaming habits would be to uninstall Terrarium and find an alternative to streaming.  However keep in mind, this will not delete the information they already have.

There are plenty of great APK’s you can use that mirror what Terrarium TV has done.  Now most these apps are going to leave a void to fill compared to what was offered by Terrarium, you may even need to find about 3 different apps to replace this Terrarium completely and it still may come up short.


One of the latest apps to take off is TeaTV which is a very nice alternative replacement for Terrarium TV.  This app will give you movies, TV shows and even allow users to favorite the movies and TV shows they watch the most for easy to find and enjoy access.

I have been testing this app for quite sometime and must say it has  a nice interface and I recommend it as an alternative streaming app.

One of the nice advantages of TeaTV is that is has an app available for Android, Windows and macOS.  You are not going to find many streaming apps available for Android as well as operating systems for your PC.  This makes your laptop an instant streaming device with a simple install.

You can visit TeaTV’s website for more information on downloading the software and start streaming with it right away.

You can also use Filelinked code: 12433352 and pin# 5500 to download the Android version of TeaTV on your Android and FireTV devices.


This is an older app that used to be related to Gears TV and Reloaded TV which are a couple of premium paid IPTV services.  Due to lawsuits around the country and legal worries, they broke ties with the amazing on demand streaming app and let it be free to anyone that wanted to use it.

Streams R Us does not have and most likely never will have any TV shows.  This is for movies only and if you love movies, you are going to love this app.

The quality is the best of all apps I have found and the movies stream with 1 simple click.  There is no need to browse a dozen links and trying to cherry pick the best one.  Simply click the movie and start watching in a matter of seconds.

This is also a great alternative for Terrarium TV and will get back some of the movies you want to watch.

You can install Streams R Us by using Filelined code: 12433352 and pin# 5500.


You will hear Kodi is dead all over social media.  In fact if you type Kodi is dead in Google right now you will be welcomed with multiple videos and links swearing Kodi is in fact dead.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Kodi is not dead, in fact the Kodi application does not contain in infringing content when initially installed and there will always be developers creating great add-ons for the software.

The reason many websites or YouTube channels will state that Kodi is dead are:

  • To gain views, popularity, comments and likes on YouTube.
  • Bring traffic to their website and spam with ads and products trying to make a few dollars in commission or ad revenue clicks.
  • Add-ons go down and they claim Kodi is dead.  Add-ons are always going to go down.  There will most likely never be an added that lasts forever.  The same happens with APK’s as we have seen with Terrarium TV and Morpheus.

I am just pointing out there are plenty of ways to access the content you want.  It may take a little more work searching for the app or Kodi add-on you like best and suits your needs, but they are available.

Don’t panic, just have a little patience.


There have been several Terrarium patches issues all over the internet and throughout Facebook groups, Filelinked codes and YouTube channels.

These patches are just that a patch and most of the time patches are never permanent.  If you own a swimming pool and patch it, over time it likely to begin leaking again and require additional repair.

It is just a patch, not a surgical lifelong operation.  Expect Terrarium TV to slowly quit working even if you are using a version that works past the deadline announced.

I call it a Bandaid covering a wound that will never completely heal.  The developer stated it is shutting down at the end of the September and will not work.  If you have a patched version that still works past the shutoff deadline there will be no further updates.

When the add-on is no longer being updated properly the links will slowly quit working 1 by 1 until the app is rendered useless.


It really doesn’t matter if you are using Terrarium TV, TeaTV, HD Movies or any other app that streams movies and TV shows you should be using a VPN.

A VPN will hide all your activity by masking your IP Address and location.  The app developers, your internet service provider and no one else will be able to identify what it is you are streaming or doing while online when you have a VPN service activated.

Just because the developer of Terrarium TV came out and said he will hand over all the information requested including users data and IP Addresses, doesn’t mean the next app developer won’t admit the same thing.

For these reasons, I always use a VPN and recommend others do the same all the time.  For a little information on IPVanish VPN, visit my article written awhile ago.


I personally would not use Terrarium TV any longer as it is going to die a slow death if you find a patch actually working past the date it has been said to completely quit working.

Based on what the developer said, it is not safe to use Terrarium TV anymore, however; if you wish to continue to use it, go ahead as long as you have a VPN connected.  This way you will not be in jeopardy of having your internet’s IP Address publicly available and you can stream with a peace of mind.

This goes for anything you are doing online especially when streaming video on demand, IPTV services and other apps that may allow you to gain access to digital content that typically should not be available for free.

Also I wouldn’t lose any sleep worrying about any of your streaming habits being turned over to the FBI or any other authorities.  The targets they are after are the developers and servers that make the apps possible.  If they can stop the streaming at the source, they have done there job and will unlikely pursue any innocent users.