IP Vanish – Stream Without A Trace!

When you are using your computer, android box, cell phone or any other device that is using the internet your IP address among other things are available.  Basically your fingerprint is left behind.  If you put gloves on prior touching something your finger prints would not be revealed and that is the same concept as a Virtual Private Network service.

There are many services you can choose from and it can be confusing at times trying to determine if you should buy the most expensive, cheapest or even one that is completely free.  IP Vanish is an excellent choice for most users and I do use their service.

Benefits Of IP Vanish

      • Hide your identity and surf the web anonymously.
      • Connect to other countries allowing you to not be restricted to certain region restrictions and appear as though you are in that country.
      • 5 Multiple Logins – What this means is you will be able to simultaneously use 5 devices at the same time while connected to the VPN service.
      • No Limits!  While you may still need to watch your internet service providers cap, there isn’t one with this VPN.
      • Fast – One of the fastest connections you can find.  I have tested it on the USA server and downloaded close to 200 MB per second, while uploading around 20 MB per second.
      • Windows, Android, Mac, Apple compatible.  Download the app for your device and start having a more secure connection immediately.  You can install it right on your Android box and use it as one of your devices.
      • More than 80,000 servers and connect to more than 150 countries!
      • Excellent support!  When I was setting up I had a few minor issues – I clicked the chat box and in seconds was talking to live support staff.  They helped me instantly.
      • Affordable

Cons Of IP Vanish

      • It is a bit confusing, but support can walk you through any hurdles you must climb through, then it works great.  You can also email us at Kodi With John at [email protected] and maybe I can help you get setup as well.  I will gladly assist you via email.


      • This is one of the best services I have used and I will be sticking with IP Vanish.  I have used a couple other services in the past including Private Internet Access which is a bit less expensive, but they are in only a few countries and the speeds were quite slow compared to IP Vanish.
      • You should consider getting a VPN especially when you are using Kodi and accessing content from sources you are unaware of.  This will give you peace of mind that you are not leaving your fingerprints behind.

While I understand this service is not right for everyone, based on your needs if you would like to give it a try click here.  I do recommend everyone has some sort of VPN protection when using Kodi or any other services on the internet.

John Berry

I am a YouTube creator, website content generator and Kodi enthusiast. I enjoy helping others that are in need when it comes to streaming online, especially when using third party builds and add-ons for Kodi.

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