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YouTube is the number 1 streaming app in the world with more than 3 billion video view in one single day.  They are also the 2nd most searched search engine behind Google.  This being said there is no wonder why millions of people would be wanting to access YouTube on any given day.  In fact more  than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each and every month.  That means that more than 30 million people visit the site each day.

As of January 1, 2018 the YouTube app is no longer available on any Amazon Fire TV device.  This includes all generations of the Fire TV and the Fire TV Stick.  This is due to the inability for Google and Amazon to come to an agreement that both were satisfied with. The dispute between Google and Amazon dates back a couple years when Amazon pulled Chromecast devices from their site and not allowing any third party sellers to sell them as well.  

The decision for this was made by Amazon to help push the sales of the Fire TV devices and increasing sales since there would be no option for Chromecast devices.  Amazon could start selling Chromecast devices again on their website, however at the time of this article they still were not available. Google is the one that chose to remove their app from Amazon and did so just before the year 2018.  There currently is no indication that they will re-authorize the YouTube app on Fire TV devices anytime soon.

alternative ways to watch youtube

The YouTube app is not the only way to watch YouTube on the Amazon Fire TV device.  There are other ways that you can still be able to watch all of your favorite content.


The way I enjoy watching YouTube is through the Firefox app that is free and easy to use within the Amazon FIre TV app. Simply search for Firefox on your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick device and you will be able to download the app completely free. Once you have Firefox downloaded and launch it, you will see an option to choose YouTube.  Once completed it will feel as if you never lost your YouTube app.  Once you launch the YouTube app you from within Firefox you will be able to search YouTube videos by categories, trending popularity and more including the option for manual search.

Sign in / use all the features

Have an account setup with YouTube or are you a YouTube Red member?  That isn’t a problem either, you will be able to sign in as you do on all your other devices and will be able to enjoy on the great features YouTube has to offer. From the YouTubers that you subscribe to and the videos saved in your playlist will all be accessible when YouTube in this fashion.  If you have been missing the YouTube app on the Fire TV, download for free Firefox and get your streaming back.

silk browser

If you do not like to use Firefox or would simply want another option I recommend trying the Silk Browser for the FIre TV.

Just like Firefox it is free and available in the Amazon App Store for instant download.  Just tell Alexa to download Silk in your voice remote and you will be able to start watching YouTube videos right away.

There are other ways you can still access YouTub on a Fire TV device, but the two ways I have mentioned are the easiest and quickest way to start streaming the channels you love.

On top of just using these browser for YouTube it will open you Fire TV device up to a whole other dimension with the ability to browse websites, gain access to other apps not available on the native Fire TV device and create hours of entertainment for the whole family.