Kodi still has great add-ons available to use that will allow you to stream all different types of content including your favorite sports games.  Below I will list a few of the best ways you can watch not only college football, but NFL football this 2017 season as well.

1. Project D – This add-on features an entire selection dedicated to the NFL and NCAA seasons.  Not only do they offer free live streaming of the majority of games, but you will also find many replays available as well.

If you are a Hard Knocks fan, the NFL section also has the latest episodes to Hard Knocks for you to enjoy at no charge as well.  Don’t just watch the games, get a full experience with Project D.

2. Sports Devil – This add-on is also available in the Project D repository and is another add-on that allows access to all different kinds of sporting events.  Sports Devil is one of the oldest and most popular add-on available for Kodi when it comes to locating streams.  However, these streams can sometimes be hard to access.  That is why it is best to have this run parallel with Project D.  The more add-ons you have available to you, increasing your odds of finding the game you are in search of.

Sports Devil also contains other live content other than sports and is definitely an add-on everyone should have available on their device.

3. Bob Sports – One of the newest add-ons available for Kodi is Bob Unleashed.  This add-on has a sports section available and every sports fan needs this add-on when it comes to live sports.

Bob Unleashed is an excellent source for movies, tv shows, and now sports.

4. Paid IPTV Service (Gears TV / Set TV) – If you are looking for the most reliable way to access all your live games, an IPTV service may be what you need.  You will have access to all the major sports channels including ESPN, ESPN U, FS1, FS2 and others.

While these are paid add-ons, they offer increased reliability.  Both Set TV and Gears TV have the NFL Sunday Ticket, Red Zone and all college football games that are available on standard sports channels.  Regional sports channels may not be available.

Signup for one of these awesome IPTV services, plus add the other 3 add-ons mentioned and you will surely be ready for kick-off all season long.  Plus with basketball season near as well, you will also be prepared for tip-offs.

5. Facebook – If you are unable to locate a particular game or do not have any of the add-ons mentioned above, try searching social media.  You would be surprised how often a live sports game or event surfaces through the cracks and can be found using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media platforms readily available.

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