How To Install Chrome On The NVidia Shield

The NVidia Shield is one of the best streaming devices available when it comes to streaming media. 

A processor powerful enough for many modern games with an extra 1 GB of memory than most standard boxes as it has 3 GB of memory on board to boost performance in streaming, gaming, multitasking and having fun.

The NVidia Shield, however, does not come with a web browser installed, nor is one natively available in the Play Store on this device.  You will need to complete just a few easy steps and you will be able to have Chrome as your browser.

Install Chrome On Shield Steps


1. Install ES File Explorer.  The first step to adding Chrome or any browser to  your NVidia Shield is to install ES File Explorer.  You can find this application free for available download in the Play Store.

The ES File Explorer will give allow you to access your local files on your device as well as files remotely on the web.

2. Open the ES File Explorer.  Once installed, launch the ES File Explorer.  On the left hand side of the screen look for the Favorites tab and click on it.

3. Click Add under the favorites tab and a small screen will popup asking you for a path and name.

In the path field simply type in
In the name field name it what you like such as Google.
Click Add.

4. Once you have clicked add you have created a Google bookmark.  Look under the favorites tab once again and look for Google (or the name you typed in when naming it) and click on it.

This will launch Google and you search for any topic as you normally would when using google.  We however want to install Chrome so we will be searching for Chrome.

5. Type Chrome APK Pure and search for it.  Once you find the Chrome APK Pure in search, click on it.

Look on the page for Download APK and click on it.  It is usually in an orange button or box.  Once you click on the first Download APK option, another windows may appear and you may need to click that box for the download to begin.

6.  Once the download has completed and the Download dialogue has popped up click on Open File.  If you do not see this popup or cannot find your downloads it should be in the Downloads section under your Local tab in ES File Explorer.

7.  Click Install, and if you are asked for permission to allow the install click on Settings and turn the tab to allow for ES FIle Explorer.

Once you have granted permission try to install the file again by locating it in the Downloads folder under the Local tab in ES FIle Explorer.

This time the install should install and complete successfully.  Once you have finished the installation you will be able to find the Chrome Android app in your app drawer on the NVidia Shield.

What Makes Chrome A Great Browser To Use?

I have used many different browsers over the years and have also had many different favorites.  As technology changes and needs vary, my choice has changed to fulfill the browsing needs I desire.

  • Easily sync your bookmarks and browsing history from your laptop, phone and all other devices you own.  With chrome it is very easy to login using your email and password that you login to all your other devices you use Chrome with.  This will allow all your browsing to continue exactly the same way on all your devices.
  • Updates frequently and as the technology does advance and works with almost all websites will little to no issue.
  • It is one of the fastest browsers available.  Side by side it almost always beats even some of the other top rates browsers you can choose.
  • Works great on streaming devices, laptops and phones.  It truly is a browser for any device.
  • I also have a Chromebook and since Chromebook only has Chrome on it, it makes since to use Chrome as it is required.  Thus, I have become extremely comfortable with the Google Chrome browser and love the way it integrates my information on all devices including those from Google Docs, Sheets, etc.


Why Install A Browser On The NVidia Shield?

For some a browser on the NVidia Shield may seem unnecessary, but the truth is once you have a browser installed your device has became much more powerful and you can unlock a lot more apps as well as use it for more things.

Install Non-Native Apps

 The Google Play Store does have quite the selection of content available for you to install.  Some are free and others may cost a few dimes.  Either way once you have added a browser such as Chrome to the lineup you can now add APK’s that otherwise you would not be able to.

Load up your device full of all your favorite apps, games and you take control on what you want to have on your device, not the device manufacture.  Besides you paid for it!

Start Surfing The Web

Most people don’t get an NVidia Shield for the pleasure of browsing news stories, social media and other platforms only available via web browser.

I do agree a computer cannot replace a streaming / gaming device, but if you need to do a quick lookup, check the score of a game or simply Google something, why not use it when you have it?

I recommend an USB keyboard that you can use in conjunction with your device as it makes browsing the web a simple task with this device.

It Just Gives Your NVidia Shield More Value

When you can have an item that is mostly intended for one thing, but you find out it can actually do multiple things when needed it is always a plus.

That is what Chrome or any browser of your choice will do once added.  After a few months you may begin to wonder how you ever used it without every installing Chrome in the first.

Other Browsers You Can Install On The NVidia Shield

The steps won’t change much when it comes to installing other browsers.  Simply follow the first 4 steps above and then once on step 5 you can search another browser instead.

  • To install Firefox you can search in Google Firefox APKPure.  You will then be shown the search results, one of which will be the Firefox APK download.  This used to be my favorite browser and I still do use it once in awhile.
  • Opera is another browser that has been quite popular.  It never seemed to be as popular as Firefox, but if you are an Opera fan search Opera APKPure and you will be able to add it to your device as well.

As you can see if you search a browser that is available on Android followed by APKPure there is a good chance you will be able to find the latest download available and begin using the web browser of your choice.

It also can’t be bad idea to have 2 browsers.  No matter how good any browser is, there is likely something on the web that one will display and work better with. 

This is a lot of the times due to lack of webmaster development or old code that needs updated by the website owner.  Still yet, once in awhile this still occurs.

 If you prefer using another browser other than Chrome please leave your browser of choice in the comment section.

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