Get Your Personal VPN Account With The Best VPN Service To Protect Your Privacy

Having your own personal VPN is the best way to be sure all your tracks online are kept completely confidential.  When you have an active VPN account that is being used on your device, all your activities are encrypted not allowing anyone to know what activities you are performing, sites you are browsing or even videos being watched while online.

I Have A Personal VPN For Privacy And Disguise

Of course the main reason I use a VPN service is to prevent unwanted eyes from invading my privacy, that is not the only reason.  There are many other benefits that are gained from connecting to a VPN network.

Besides privacy, you are also able to hide your current geographical location.  This will not only hide your privacy, but will as well disguise your address or current place of residence making your IP address and current location appear elsewhere.  You will be able to connect to any location of your choice where a VPN network is available with the service you have.  This can also unlock sites that otherwise may be restricted or blocked by your ISP or country.

Connecting To A VPN Account Is Like Locking Your Door

You wouldn’t leave your house with the front door wide open or simply unlocked inviting intruders to walk right in would you?  The same applies to your internet connection.  When browsing online without a VPN network connected it is basically leaving your connection unlocked for experienced and in some cases non-experienced hackers.

It is not all that difficult to download a piece of software that anyone with little knowledge can learn to use that will allow access to unlocked connections.  This is especially true over public WiFi networks.

Public WiFi connections are especially vulnerable and by having a personal VPN account connected when using public networks is an added layer of protection and it doesn’t matter if you are using a PC, Mac or even mobile devices and tablets.  VPN software is available for most operating systems and platforms.

Stop That Throttle!

When you are not using a VPN your ISP knows if you are watching videos, reading emails or just liking your friends posts on Facebook.  Some services slow down your internet when performing certain actions such as streaming video or download files from blocked sites.  If you have a VPN activated when doing these things, your data will be sent through a tunnel that is completely encrypted and not recognizable by your internet service provider.

This will prevent your internet service provider or mobile service provider from slowing your speed since they will not be able to identify what it is you are browsing when online.

Avoid Having Your Browsing History Sold

The United States Congress passed a new law effective 2017 that will give your Internet Service Provider (ISP) the right to sell your browsing habits to third party entities.  This could include companies that want to target you as potential customer knowing what you are interested in, shop for, hobbies, etc.

Keep in mind a third party could also include non private organizations such as the United States government, your local municipalities or any person that are interested in your online history.

What Is The Best VPN Service?

With so many VPN options out there, how does one know what the best VPN service is?  I have used many different services over the years and what I can say for sure is that I never recommend any free VPN service.

If you are serious about protecting yourself, you are going to have to purchase a VPN from a reputable service.  Most free services will contain ads, malware and other unwanted software installed on your devices.  If they do not contain these types of nuisances, the speed you are going to receive when using the free VPN Network will likely be extremely slow or have limitations.  Some free services will only allow a set amount of data to be transferred per day, week or month and others may prohibit use on certain sites or file transfers.

Best VPN Service Varies For Individual Needs

There are two different personal VPN services that I recommend and have personally used.  Depending on a few features that you may or may not need, the service that is best for you may not be the best for someone else.  I do however, believe both services are top notch and regardless which one you decide to have for your protection – both will add a high level of privacy and protection on your internet devices.

The two services that I highly recommend are IPVanish and PIA.  I will show below the differences in each service including what apps are available for various devices and compare some of the features of both services.  This will enable you to determine exactly which one is the best VPN service for you.


PIA (Private Internet Access)

Google Play
Android App
Amazon Store
Fire TV App
Windows YES YES
5 Devices
Countries With Servers Available 60+ Countries 25 Countries
Money Back
7 Days 7 Days
*1 Year $77.99 $39.95
*Prices subject to change. Monthly pricing also available Monthly pricing also available

Try IPVanish Now

Try PIA Now

As you can see from the table both VPN services have excellent features, a great number of servers and locations.  The one thing that may stick out is for users of an Amazon Fire TV box there is no official Amazon App available for PIA.  For this reason if you are a Fire TV user I recommend using IPVanish VPN if you will adding a VPN to your Fire TV or Fire Stick device.

Another big difference between the two services is that IPVanish VPN has servers in more countries.  This could be important if you you will be using the VPN to access content in multiple countries.

On the other hand if the price is a big part of your decision and you are not going to be using the service on a Fire TV and don’t need to connect to a VPN network in the most possible countries, Private Internet Access (PIA) may be the more reasonable option for you.

Regardless which service you decide, or even if you choose a service not mentioned above; the main thing is you get a VPN and protect yourself and your family from unwanted spies and eyes from watching your activity when you and your family is online.

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