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When it comes to ordering Gears TV as your IPTV service you will notice that it is almost impossible to determine exactly which site is legitimately selling Gears TV from an authorized source.

There are hundreds if not thousands of Gears TV resellers over crowding the internet and while many of these sellers will in fact get you setup for Gears TV, not all will.

Don’t pay a reseller more for a longer wait time to access Gears TV, buy it straight from the source for the best price and absolute fastest connection.

There are some websites and other ways some sellers offer the service that will rip off consumers without any intention of ever providing the Gears TV service or login as promised prior to the sell.

This is why I have created this short article to lead you nowhere else then directly to the direct payment source for the Gears TV service.  I also am not receiving any commission, referral, trade or any other compensation for writing this article.

⇒ So here it is, the official link to purchase a Gears TV subscription.  When using this link you will be able to buy an instant account for Gears TV without any waiting period for the service to become active.  There are a couple other websites that offer instant activation, but I am only going to show you how to receive the service from the main Gears TV payment portal.

Official Gears TV Signup Steps

Now I also know that this is not the most straight forward site to navigate when purchasing the service, and it is meant to be that way.  I will guide you through the few menus you need to click so you can successfully and safely make your Gears TV purchase.

First once you are at the official Gears TV website, click Store on the left hand side of the screen to access the store menu.  

On a mobile device or tablet, you will need to click the hamburger menu ≡ in the upper left to find the Store option.

Once you have successfully accessed the Store menu, click on Hosting Services.  There will also be an option available called Hosting Reseller Services.  This option should only be used if you plan on reselling the Gears TV service.


Next you will see a menu in the middle of the screen appear with the title “XTREME GEARS EDITION”.  This does not directly say it is Gears TV, but that is exactly what it is.

The final step you will need to do is click the ORDER NOW button.  From here you will be prompted to select a service username and password.  You will also be required to submit your payment using a credit card.

Once you have completed these steps you will be able to access the Gears TV service for 1 month.  Occasionally they may offer various packages, if you chose one of these packages the types of services you have received may vary.

Renew At The Same Website Each Month

You may be surprised to find out that when you signup for the service at the official site, you will not be billed automatically each month.  In fact if you have recurring charges monthly debited from your bank account, you are not signed up from the Official Gears TV website.

If that is the case, don’t worry though as there are many sellers of the service that are authorized to sale the service.  In fact, the majority of these sellers offer good customer service and are excellent Gears TV dealers.

You are welcome to choose any website or person to purchase Gears TV from, however I wanted to be sure that you and others know exactly where you can get the service at the most competitive rate available.

Most resellers will charge more than what you can pay for the service from the direct Gears TV website, however there are some exceptions in which you can find it less expensive.


You will receive an invoice prior to your renewal date.  Simply login before your account expires and make a payment to avoid interruption or late fees.  Yes I said late fees!

Hint: If you fall behind or get hit with a late fee, instead of paying the extra couple bucks, you can always just start from scratch.  Create you a brand new account, new username and password and start over at the same rate.  (Of course if you want to keep the same username, that late fee will need to be paid).

Use IPVanish VPN For Privacy Protection

Now that you know how to install the Gears TV service from the best and only official website, I recommend you think seriously about purchasing an IPVanish VPN account.

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