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Gears TV has updated their APK to version 1.6.  If you are using any previous version such as 1.4 you will be required to do a manual update to use the service with this app.  You can follow the exact same steps that you did when you installed the current version you have installed to replace it with the new version.  I would recommend uninstalling your old version first.

Once you have completed this update you will simply login to Gears TV with your valid and current username and password to use the services.

Update Notifications

The previous version was supposed to automatically notify you when an update had become available and allow an easy and instant update within the app itself.  This however failed and has been fixed in the latest release.

When future updates become available as long as you are using Gears TV APK Version 1.6 or greater (once released), the app should notify you once an update has been pushed and allow you to easily perform the upgrade.

APK Not Required

There are many add-ons discontinuing their development including the ever so popular Phoenix and One242415.  There is likely to be more added this list in the coming days.

Gears TV is not stopping development of the Kodi add-on and you can still use the service perfectly fine using Kodi.  There is no immediate rush to use the APK if you prefer using Kodi.  That being said I would recommend everyone download it and become familiar with it if you have an Android device in the event that at some point the future you may need to access the service in this format.

Subscription Required

In order your use Gears TV you are required to obtain a subscription to use the service.  You can signup for the service and access hundreds of USA channels including movie channels, live sporting events, kids programming and more in high definition (HD).

Gears TV APK Version 1.6 Released – Update Required

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  • June 7, 2017 at 7:34 pm

    i forgot my user name and password can you send it to me

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