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Gears TV and Reloaded TV are expected to merge sometime around or before November 1, 2018.  This will effectively cause Gears TV and Reloaded TV as it is right now to no longer exist.

The service will however be converted into one service called GearsReloaded.  If you are a subscriber of either Gears TV or Reloaded TV when the merger takes effect, you will still have access to the service you have paid for until your month ends.

What is Gears TV?


Gears TV has been an IPTV power house for 3 years and has developed a significant following as well as being one of the most reputable and trusted IPTV services currently available on the market.

Subscribers of the service can access hundreds of USA channels, Canadian and UK channels with a small monthly fee.  The service is popular for showing UFC PPV events as well as Boxing from the major networks including Showtime and HBO.

The service is one of the most stable services on the market and you can subscribe to Gears TV to start enjoying the service by ordering it from Kodi With John. Purchasing the service from the Kodi With John website will also give you access to Mayfair Pro at no additional fee as it is included in the purchase price.

As soon as GearsReloaded goes live, you will be able to purchase the service from Kodi With John as well.

Mayfair Pro

When you purchase Gears TV you may also want to use the Mayfair Pro guide which is an advanced cable style guide that shows you precisely what is on each channel.  Some providers of Gears TV do not offer Mayfair Pro with their package.

This is one of the most unique and differentiating factors that sets Gears TV apart from all the other IPTV providers on the market.  Most IPTV providers use Perfect Player, Smarters and other basic apps that pull the guide from an EPG url location.

This causes the guide to be less accurate, have less information and requires constant updating of the guide.

Mayfair Pro is a guide in itself and requires nothing more than a username and password to gain access to most likely the best guide in IPTV history.

What is Reloaded TV?

Reloaded TV is currently a separate service from Gears TV and has a number of advanced features that users of Gears TV do not have access too.

Originally Gears TV users gained access to Streams R Us as well around the time of the Reloaded TV launch.  Since then Streams R Us is no longer part of the Gears TV or Reloaded TV service.

You can still gain access free to Streams R Us with a default username and password which is USERNAME: free PASSWORD: sru.

Just like Gears TV you will still gain access to your favorite networks including HBO, Cinemax, ESPN, AMC and all the other networks you and your family are going to love.

Catch Up TV

This is a big and popular feature that is only available on Reloaded TV.  Catch up allows subscribers of the service to watch movies and TV shows on many channels at a later time if you were unable to catch the show during the exact time in which the show aired.

Catch up only saves the shows however for about 24 hours.  You cannot wait multiple days before deciding to catch up on your series.  This is essentially for binge watching at your convenience the shows you have missed earlier in the afternoon while in bed or during breakfast the next morning.

Live Sports Scores

This is as good as it gets for sports fans of all likes.  While browser through the NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB networks not only are you going to see what the current games are that are playing, but you will also see the actual scores.

For instance, you are in search of the Lakers vs Thunder on the NBA section of the Reloaded TV app.  While scrolling through you see the Thunder and Lakers are tied in the 3rd quarter with 2:50 left in the game.  This is a real sports buffs dream that not even the biggest cable and satellite providers offer.

This is a way you can see the teams getting blown out and the ones that are close which you may want to see how it pans out during the game.

Guide Built In

Another advantage of Reloaded TV is the fact that the guide is built right in.  No need to to use Mayfair or any other guide to watch the service and no need to make any updates for the guide to function.

It can be installed on Kodi with a few steps and with your username and password you are ready start browsing the channels while being shown the shows that are currently being streamed.

The layout of Reloaded TV is really amazing and one of the best contenders of the Gears TV brand.