Fubo Sports Network On The Roku Channel, Now Over 30 Live Channels

The Roku Channel has become a staple in the streaming industry with the offering of more than 30 live channels that are absolutely free to enjoy on the Roku or any device with a web browser.

The Fubo Sports Network is one of the latest channels Roku has added to the free lineup. Fubo Sports Network will feature round the clock sports coverage.

You can access the Roku Channel on any Roku device or simply visiting The Roku Channel on your mobile phone, tablet or PC. You will need to register with Roku including adding a debit or credit card. You will however not be charged unless you make a qualifying purchasing while using the service.

Live Channels

They offer access to about 30 live channels completely free, with the ability to subscribe to premium channels such as HBO and Showtime for a monthly fee.

Below are the free live streaming channels you can access while never spending a dime.

Fubo Sports Network

This is a nice and new addition. Roku is also the only service that has this channel besides the Fubi TV service themselves. The two companies have came to a contractual agreement and it is already streaming on The Roku Channel.


ABC News, Weather Nation, Top Stores by Newsy, News Max TV, USA Today, Yahoo News and Finance, Cheddar News, Now This, TYT Go


Stadium, Edge Sport, Fubo Sports Network, Outside TV, Combat Go, CSTV, Adventure Sports Network, ACCDN

Entertainment News

TMZ, People TV, Complex


Hells Kitchen Kitchen Nightmares Filmrise, Taste Made, Fail Army, AFV, The Pet Detective, People are Awesome, Food 52,


Spolight Free Movies Filmrise, Classic TV Filmrise, The Asylum, Contemporary Classic Movies The Works, Family Filmrise, Unsolved Mysteries Filmrise, Comedy Dynamics,

On Demand

You can also find a number of video on demand titles that are available on the Roku Channel as well free to enjoy. This includes classics and family favorites that you will absolutely want to watch again and again.

The titles are categorized by genre. You will find action, adventure, comedy, romance and more.


For the absolute easiest and best experience when watching content available on The Roku Channel, I recommend the Roku Stick. You can check the prices on Amazon Here.

If you do not own and do not want to purchase a Roku stick, you can still access all the content offered by simply visiting The Roku Channel in your web browser. Simply type therokuchannel.com in your web browser to access their website and begin streaming right away.

Works On Chrome

If you own an Android phone or Chromebook, you will have absolutely no issues with the service. In fact it is one of the easiest streaming websites to navigate around. I haven’t however seen any feature to send it to a Chrome Cast device at this time, so you may be limited to watching it on your device unless you have a USB-C to HDMI device.

Not Available In All Countries

The service is available in the United States, however the UK, EU and other countries may be blocked from using the service. It also states in Roku Terms of Service the use of Geo-Filtering and Encryption to access the service is prohibited.

I however did test the service while using IPVanish VPN and was able to connect and use The Roku Channel service when connected to United States – Dallas VPN servers for testing / education purposes only.

If you would like to give IPVanish VPN a try and connect to other countries and regions of the world, click here for current prices.

Final Thoughts

The service that The Roku Channel offers is great. There are no fee’s (except for premium content) and it has a nice variety of movies, live streaming and entertainment to appease to anyone.

Whether you are looking for some news, sports news or an entertaining movie, you will find a nice variety to pass time and without any costs.

When you are getting free content, you will have to watch an ad from time to time. The Roku Channel is no exception. If you are not paying for the service, you can expect a few advertisements during the live streams and video on demand offered.

I think that is a great trade, rather than opening my wallet.

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