Easily Install Kodi On An Amazon Fire TV Without A Computer

The Amazon Fire TV is one of the most popular devices when it comes to streaming movies, television shows and even listening to music.  This popular streaming device does not however have Kodi in the Amazon app store after being removed in 2015.

While Kodi does not contain any pirate material when installed, Amazon banned Kodi in wake of the number of users that were using it for streaming unauthorized content when adding third party add-ons to the very popular open source media software “Kodi”.

There are still a lot of users that use Kodi everyday for there media needs.  It arguably could be one of the most popular pieces of software available for the streaming community.  This page will show you the steps that will allow Kodi to be installed on this device with no technical knowledge or skills required.

Why I Recommend A Fire TV

There are several media streaming devices one can use when it comes to streaming content such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, media from Kodi and others.  Very few of them however can match the performance of the popular Amazon device.

The Fire TV comes out of the box with 8 GB of space, 2 GB of RAM and the processor is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 or greater.  This will reduce a lot of the lagging, slow responses and buffering that occurs on some of the less expensive and poorly made devices.  Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely some other devices that are great, but the Fire TV has been one of the most consistent streaming devices on the market.

No Computer Required

With just a few simple steps, Kodi can easily be installed without the need of any computer or extra hardware on the Fire TV or Fire Stick devices.  There is no need to jailbreak the device or any real special skill required.  By following the simple steps below or watching the video, you can have Kodi installed in virtually 10 minutes or less on your Fire TV.

First Allow Unknown Sources

Before you will be able to install any third party application on the Fire TV you will be required to authorize the device to install apps that are not in the Amazon App Store. To do this:

Launch the Fire TV device and go to the home screen, then click Settings.  Scroll until you find Device.  This is usually on the top of the screen for the 2nd and 3rd generation devices.  However on the 1st generation Fire TV and Fire Stick you may find these options on the left side of the screen.

settings > device > developer options > apps from unknown sources

Once you click Device look for and select Developer options.  Now select Apps from Unknown Sources, then choose Turn On so your device will allow the installation of Kodi and other apps not necessarily approved by Amazon.

Install the Downloader App

Download App

The Downloader app is a free app that can be found in the Amazon App Store.  This app allows the download of most files across the internet as well as access to websites when required.

launch downloader > settings > enable javascript

Simply click search on your Fire TV and search for Downloader, or say Downloader in the voice activated Alexa remote.

Once you find the app, download and install it.  Launch the Downloader app and then click Settings in the app on the left side of the screen.  Enable and allow Enable JavaScript so that an orange check mark is in the box.

Install Kodi Using The Downloader App

In the Downloader App make sure you are at the home screen of the app.  Next type in the following url in the field.


Once you have typed in the above website address exactly in all small letters, click Go.  You may receive a warning message, if you do simply click OK.

Downloader app > url shown above > go > android > arm7a (32bit)

Next using your remote scroll down until you locate Android and click on it.  The latest version of Kodi should be shown under the Release column.  The version you will need to install the 32 bit version, or the latest 32 bit version shown.

Once you click on the file it will begin to download.  Once the download has completed you must as well initiate the install.

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