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Droid Admin is an application that can easily be installed on any Android, Fire TV or Fire TV Stick device.

If you are using an Android device, you can download it with a browser on your Android device and install it directly.  Just be sure you allow “unknown sources” when attempting to install the download.  To download the latest version of File Linked, click here.

Fire TV Filelinked Install Steps

If you are using an Amazon Fire TV device, you will need to install the Downloader App on you Fire Device.

Once installed enter the following url exactly and it will directly download it to your device so you can install File Linked.

NVidia Shield Firelinked Install Steps

For NVidia Shield users there are a few ways you can install the Filelinked APK.  One of the easiest ways to do so is by using a web browser.

If you have a web browser installed on your NVidia Shield simply type the following url in the browser: and the Filelinked download will begin.  Once download install it and you can access all the codes shown.

What Is File Linked (formerly Droid Admin)?

Droid Admin (File Linked) is an app that is available on Fire TV and Android devices that allows users to download files of all types.  A code is given that will be entered into the Droid Admin application that will list one or more files under the code.

We are going to be adding codes to this page regularly that will make it easy for users to download the latest APK files for their devices.  Be sure when you are downloading the files that you download the latest version.

IPVanish VPN – Hide Your Online Identity

As always when streaming it is highly recommended that a VPN is being used to protect your privacy from unwanted eyes.  For more info click here =-> IPVanish VPN.

Citizens living in the European Untion especially should consider a VPN as new and stricter laws regarding streaming are currently funneling though the government chambers.

In the United States while it may not be as iminent, protecting your privacy is extremely important and some internet service providers will suspend users service or slow there speeds down when accessing media in which they deem as unacceptable.  To be on the safe side a VPN is crucial.

droid adminDroid Admin / Filelinked Codes

Below I will list some Filelinked codes and some of the applications available in each of the codes listed.  The apps available are always changing, so expect some of the lists to vary when you actually access the codes.

Android App Store – Utilities Code

  • 11111111 – This code has some basic, yet essential tools that you may need on any device.  Some of the apps you can find are:
    • Firefox browser for Android / Fire TV (Works great for the Nvidia Shield as well!)
    • Clean Master TV
    • WIFI Tester & Analyzer (Have you ever wondered what your internet speed is on a certain set-top box?  You can find out with this application.)
    • VirusTotal (Check for malicious software hidden in your applications.)
    • Kodi v18 Leia
    • YouTube for Fire TV Stick / Android TV
    • VLC Media Player

Streamer Tips Filelinked database – Most Popular (KWJ-Streamer Tips Facebook group codes)

  • 12433352 Pin # 5500 – This Filelinked section is updated about once per month and is always changing.  When it is updated it is stripped down each month to only the best working apk’s still being shown.
    • Tea TV v8.4r – 1/15/19
    • CyberFlix v3.1.3 – 1/14/19
    • Dream TV v3.2.6 – 1/14/19
    • TV Zion v3.2.3 – 1/14/19
    • Phoenix TV v1.02 – 1/14/19
    • Bee TV v2.1.4 – 1/14/19
    • Mobdro v2.2.24 – 1/14/19
    • MX Player Pro v1.10.36 – 1/14/19
    • VLC Player
    • Mouse Toggle (Specifically for FIre TV user to have better cursor control)
    • Kodi 17.6
    • Kodi 16.1 (This is  hard one to find and it is available here.)

Streaming Pirates Revenge Facebook Group Code

  • 40771957 Pin # 6336 – This is an extensive selection and as well is updated regularly,  Below are a some of the popular APK’s that are available in this code.
    • America IPTV
    • AppFlix Pro
    • Bee TV
    • BMC
    • Cartoon HD
    • Cinema HD
    • CkayTV
    • Free Flix
    • HD Movies
    • Mobdro
    • Morph TV
    • Movie HD
    • MX Player Pro
    • SD Maid Pro
    • Tea TV
    • TV Zion

Adam from YouTube Fire Linked Code:

The below code has lots of APK files, some which may no longer be working.  I have mentioned the latest working APK files in this code for the beginning of January 2019 year.

  • 22222222 Pin # 4754
    • Dream TV
    • Phonix TV
    • TV Zion
    • Bee TV
    • Cinema APK
    • Terrarium TV
    • Silent Ghost
    • Morph TV
    • Mobdro

Sometimes you may find an application that works installing from one code versus another one.  This can be due to various versions of the file, an updated version, etc.  It is always best to uninstall any app before re-installing the same app from another code for the best results.

Additional codes and updates to the current codes will be added.