Droid Admin is an application that can easily be installed on any Android, Fire TV or Fire TV Stick device.

If you are using an Android device, you can download it with a browser on your Android device and install it directly.  Just be sure you allow “unknown sources” when attempting to install the download.  To download the latest version of File Linked, click here.

The video below shows a few easy tasks required to install Droid Admin on your Amazon Fire TV devices.  UPDATE 5/10/18  The steps in this video will now download File Linked.  Droid Admin is now File Linked.


If you are using an Amazon Fire TV device, you will need to install the Downloader App on you Fire Device.  Once installed enter the following url exactly and it will directly download it to your device so you can install File Linked.  https://streamertips.com/go/droidadmin

What Is File Linked (formerly Droid Admin)?

Droid Admin (File Linked) is an app that is available on Fire TV and Android devices that allows users to download files of all types.  A code is given that will be entered into the Droid Admin application that will list one or more files under the code.

We are going to be adding codes to this page regularly that will make it easy for users to download the latest APK files for their devices.  Be sure when you are downloading the files that you download the latest version.

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droid adminDroid Admin / File Linked Codes

If you are still using Droid Admin, uninstall it and install File Linked.

The codes below are updated regularly.  The codes shown will rarely change for each application and the latest version of files will be added as we find them and updated if necessary to the set codes below.

Streamer Tips Popular Pack – CODE: 12433352

One code that will bring you the popular APK’s all in one place including. . .

  • Morpheus 1.51 (Contains Ads) NEW ADDED 4/22/18
  • Terrarium TV 1.9.9 (NO Ads) UPDATED 4/22/18
  • Terrarium TV (With Ads – Auto Updates)
  • Show Box (With Ads – Auto Updates)
  • Mobdro (With Ads – Auto Updates)
  • World of Wrestling v1.0 (NO Ads)
  • Aptoide v8.6.4.1
  • Mouse Toggle (Fire TV Devices)
  • Kodi 16.1 (32 Bit)
  • Kodi 17.6 (32 Bit)

There will be codes for each individual apk below as well.  There may also be other files in the codes shown below in addition to what is available in the Streamer Tips Popular Pack.

World of Wrestling – CODE: 18102858

  • World of Wrestling v1.0 (NO Ads)

Aptoide – CODE: 29817980

If using an Amazon Fire Stick or Fire TV, I recommend you install the Mouse Toggle app below as well.  It will make navigating through the Aptoide app a much easier and enjoyable experience.

  • Aptoide v8.6.4.1

Mouse Toggle – CODE: 17002692

  • Mouse Toggle For Fire TV v1.06

Kodi – CODE: 53252129

  • Kodi 17.6 Krypton APK (32 Bit)
  • Kodi 16.1 Jarvis APK (32 Bit)

Terrarium TV – CODE: 23842598

  • Terrarium TV 1.9.9 (NO Ads) UPDATED 4/22/18
  • Terrarium TV 1.9.5 (NO Ads)
  • Terrarium TV 1.9.5 (NO Ads – Fire TV Stick MOD)
  • Terrarium TV 1.9.5 (Contains Ads – Auto Updates)

Show Box – CODE: 55592475

  • Show Box v5.01 (Contains Ads – Auto Updates)

Mobdro – CODE: 97432751

  • Mobdro 2.1.2 (Contains Ads – Auto Updates)

TVingo – CODE: 96726032

  • TVingo v1.2.3.15 (NO Ads)

*Gears TV (Paid Subscription Required) – CODE: 50962702

*Kodi With John Gears TV service will work with the following APK’s.  Mayfair Pro APK requires an additional fee.  To order visit Kodi With John today for the best in live streaming sports and entertainment.

  • Gears TV (ARM)
  • Gears TV (x86)
  • Mayfair Pro APK (Mayfair subscription also required)

Additional codes and updates to the current codes will be added.

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