Best Router For Streaming With Multiple Devices

When it comes to using the internet there are a big selection of routers one can purchase that will allow multiple devices to connect to the internet.  These routers also will give you Wi-Fi abilites allowing for cordless browsing and streaming when online.

There are basic routers that will work well for basic streaming, email, browsing the internet and shopping.  These routers are often the first ones most people start with.  Then over time they realize there family has grown as well as there selection of streaming content.


If you or family members in your house have an XBOX, Playstation, PC or other gaming device that is used for online game play, an advanced router is crucial in maintaining the best experience and minimal lag and downtime.  Games require a lot of bandwidth at times and if you have one or two other people in the household at the same time streaming YouTube or Netflix it will affect the game play as well as the shows being streamed elsewhere.


The most common use of internet these days is streaming.  Whether using YouTube, Netflix or many other services such as Hulu, Sling or even IPTV services that are easily available, streaming will require a decent portion of bandwidth if streaming in HD.

If you have 4K streaming you can expect double the impact on your bandwidth which will reduce other devices abilities even more, or cause your 4K streaming to be less than perfect.

Asus RT AC-3100 Super Router

The router that I am using that performs extremely well with multiple gaming devices, mobile phones, computer and streaming devices such as Fire TV’s and Android boxes running all simultaneously is my Asus Router.

Long Range

If you have a large home as well as nice back or front yard that you also like to use your Wi-Fi connection with, this router may be for you.  It has a very large radius for streamers that may need to use there wireless connection a couple rooms away from the location of the router.  Even if you have a two story house, this router will work in most cases on multiple floors using the wireless connection.  This can be affected however on how far apart each floor is, thickness of walls, etc.

Duel Band

You can easily choose between the standard 2.4 GHZ or 5 GHZ band when using the router.  I like to place my high end devices such as the Fire TV, XBOX and other gaming devices on the 5 GHZ band, and use the 2.4 GHZ band for my computers, mobile devices, tablets and devices that require less speed.


The firmware that is in this Asus router allows for fine tuning and complete customization.  You will be able to modify numerous settings, add parental controls, security features and more.

If you are using a VPN, there is also the option to install your IPVanish VPN within the router protecting all your devices that use that router instantly.  This is a particularly nice feature for users wanting all devices protected within individually installing VPN software on all devices.

If you are in need of a router that will work fast, connect to devices even in large homes a good distance, I highly recommend the Asus RT AC-3100.  I have been using it and absolutely love it.  The setup is quick and easy and you may be asking yourself the same question I did – Why did I wait so long to upgrade?

What router do you use?

If you have used this router or any other router that you think should be mentioned as a top streaming / gaming router, please comment below so visitors can hear your opinions as well.

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