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Streaming movies and TV shows shouldn’t cost you a fortune. In fact, if you have the latest working APK’s you can stream just about anything you want absolutely free. I am going to list my top 4 streaming apps that I use with minimal buffering.

You don’t need a large list of apps to get the best movies and series, you only need the best ones. The apps I will list below are updated on a regular basis (sometimes more than once per week) and usually have many links to choose from per stream. This will help guarantee a working stream buffer free.

If you continue to have buffering and want to take your streaming to the next level, I recommend a Real-Debrid account. For only a few dollars per month, you can unlock premium links that not only are buffer free but are also the highest possible quality in video and audio (some are even in Dolby Digital Surround Sound). To get a Real-Debrid account, click here.

I recommend when streaming movies and TV shows while using Android APK’s to always use IPVanish VPN. This will hide your identity when streaming on all devices.

Prevent ISP throttling, hide your identity, and stay protected. There are NEVER any logs kept of your activity and you can use it on up to 10 devices simultaneously.

Connect to blazing fast servers from all over the world and claim your privacy when online. All with a 7-day risk-free money back guarantee.

Click here to TRY IPVANISH VPN now.

I am not listing these in any particular order. Some of the apps make work better than others for particular movies and television shows. As the developers update the apps, the best working one may change from time to time.

These have been the most consistent and the only APK’s I have been using to start new year January 2019 and I am still using them quite heavily in March 2019.

TV Zion

This is one of the best streaming apps that has been around for quite sometime.

It receives regular updates and will notify you when new updates are available. You will be able to download and update to the latest version when available without any worries of knowing whether or not a new updated version has been released.

This is a unique app in several ways from all other Android applications. One of the cool features is the way that it will automatically start a stream after it has found 5 working links. Should the link not work as well as you like, you can back up and choose one of the other links and resume play from where you left off.

Zion Club members receive premium links and an ad-free version. This is not necessary if you prefer to keep that app free. You can also link to your Real-Debrid paid account with the free version. If you decide to join the Zion Club it is about $1.50 per month, so think of it as a donation and thank you tip for the developer.

To find out more information and how to download TV Zion click here.

TeaTV 8.7r

One of the longest-running APK streaming apps currently available and is updated often is TeaTV. The current version itself is evidence of how long the app has been out.

You will get multiple links for each stream you wish to play. If you get a link that buffers, try and choose another link.

TeaTV is also not only available for Android, but it is also available on Windows and Mac OS platforms. This is the only app that I recommend for your PC and it works great. Download the appropriate version for your device and start streaming right away.

To find out more information and how to download Tea TV on Windows/Mac/Android click here.


This is one of the newest APKs that have become very popular late in 2018 and is still thriving well early in 2019.

With updates like clockwork that not only update providers and links but also bring new features and continuously improving the app.

A couple of the features that have been added recently to improve user experience are Autoplay Next Episode for TV series and Resume Play when choosing different links.

If you haven’t already, give it a try. To find out more information and how to download BeeTV click here.

Phoenix TV

Morpheus was an extremely popular add-on and the creator of the app said it had become too big and popular and would no longer be maintained.

As with any great app created, it will be cloned and continued by others with the skill set to do so.

Phoenix TV is a replica of what Morpheus was. It has been brought back and is updated regularly.

Watch movies and TV shows like you always did with the old version and you will always find a great movie to watch.

To find out more information and how to download Phoenix TV APK click here.

The best streaming apps are always changing and need updating regularly for the best and most working links. Each update will fix providers, add new ones and keep things streaming smooth.

If you have issues with one of the apps, try another. After a week or two see if the app that wasn’t working well has an update available or has started working again.

Try all the APK’s on this page and let me know which one you like best. If you think another APK is better than any listed above let me know as well.