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There has been a major shakeup in the Kodi space in the last 24 hours and that includes some big time repositories, builds and wizards that are no longer available at this time.

Do NOT Delete Any Add-ons…

If you are using an add-on that has been discontinued at this time and it is still working, leave it alone.  You will not be at any risk if you continue to use the add-on; however, over time if the developer of the add-on does not push an update, it may slowly begin to no longer function properly until it is no longer usable.

This however sometimes can take days, weeks or even months before major issues arrive.  My advise if you are uncertain whether you can get an add-on back, or if your add-on is one mentioned to cease development I would not delete it at this time.

The Pulse Build Stopping Operations…Ares Wizard

While it is still to early to tell, there seems to be a popup to all Pulse Build users stating there will no longer be any maintenance on there build.  The reason for this message is unknown at this time.

Ares Wizard Down

The Ares Wizard was a host to hundreds of Kodi builds and add-ons that made it easy and convenient for users to have there set-top Kodi boxes configured without having to perform any special programming or “no-how” making it a popular place for novice and even advanced users alike.

There servers are currently all offline and I would not be surprised if they remain offline for quite some time if not indefinitely.  The Pulse Build was also one of the most popular builds that was available on the Ares Wizard.

Repositories and Add-ons being discontinued…

Some other repositories including Cazwall and Project D have also went black and I am sure there are many others out there that have done the same as well.  When these types of occurrences happen, it is human nature for others to follow suit as well for no other reason than taking precaution.

Mucky Duck has tweeted “Mucky Duck will no longer be developing the mdrepo or duckpool repo.  Ive shut them down due to unforeseen legal actions that I’m not at liberty to discuss.” 17 Nov 2017

Possible Copyright Infringement Notice Sent…copyright infringement

There have been numerous reports on various twitter accounts and the internet that are stating many of these developers have received warning to decease letters demanding them to discontinue add-on development.

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